Order of the Dark Horse

Now Recruiting for Soldiers & Leadership

From the early days of history and throughout time, there has always been good & evil & we are the keepers of the balance… & forever will be. -Lord Reinal, First Order of the Dark Horse, Elyria

We live among you. We are your friends & your family. We are the shining light & the darkest hour. We are the Order of the Dark Horse.

Born from the dust, in the midst of an epic war between good & evil. The Order of the Dark Horse was constructed under one cause, to be the sharp edge of the sword of justice. Holding no allegiance to any unjust King, but to the people of Elyria, to see that they are treated just by those who would claim authority over the free mann.

If you are born of the sword & seek justice against the evil that plagues the world, there is a place for you here, under the shield of the Dark Horse. All tribes welcome. 18+

Primary missions

*Keep Elyria free from tyrants & corruption

*Keep affiliation secret & promote change from the shadows

-Information collection & trade •collect & trade information to influence decisions throughout Elyria

-Political order & balance

•gain influence & high power positions •hold responsible, those who are corrupt •change balance of power when necessary

-Settlement management

•keep peace throughout Elyria •provide protection •serve justice to tyrants


•Proficient weapons skills •Hold in high regard; honor, respect & loyalty to clan & Elyria.


You're role within the ODH will be from the shadows, hidden from the eyes of the common mann & enemies of the people alike.

You can contribute on your own time & as needed. Your duties will be to collect intel & report to higher ranks. This way we can share each other's intel & stay on the same page.

When certain missions arise, you might be called upon for your service. Any suggestions for quests & missions from lead members will be welcome.

Inevitably, the tides change & the balance must be restored there will be sieges & large scale warfare that will require your presence as part of the ODH & for the good of Elyria!

contact me if interested!

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