Language mechanic between tribes

Would it be possible to make it so that players from different tribes don't understand each other? For example if there is a sign in a Kypiq village and I'm a Dras, can you guys make it since I'm not from there the signs looks like a weird writting in my point of view? But if you are Kypid you can read it like plain english? That way languages across tribes are more meaningful. That'll encourage players to learn another language in the game. Also if you are in a big town with a bunch of different tribes and everyone is typing to /all maybe have the same thing? Like if a Kypid is typing something, to everyone else is going to look like gibberish, but for other Kypids and people who learn that language they'll read it like plain English. I know that I didn't explain my idea too well so I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say! I would love this because it'll feel more like an actual world where people speak different languages, and if you read a sign with a language that you don't speak or someone is typing it would look like gibberish! Just like in real life. It can be fun because kings/queens would need translators to talk to other kings/queens if they have to make a treaty. Or a merchant can have advantage on selling if he/she knows different languages! I'm sure you guys can think of many more different things. Anyways like I said, I don't know if this would even be possible that depending on each person's point of view language doesn't look like plain English unless they know it.

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I see it how language works in WoW. You select which language you want to speak. If someone doesn't know that language then it does look like gibberish. I assume it would work the same for writing on signs.

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The short answer is yes, there will be different languages, and if you understand it speech will be in english, if not it will be gibberish.

Long answer, check out this forum post on communication. Dev journal by Vye awhile back that is a great read on this topic :D

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Awesomeeee thank you so much! This can be such a fun mechanic by having spies going into another town to eavesdrop for information if the town folks don't realized that the guy can understand them! :D thank you guys for the hopes up!

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Each tribe has their own language, and there may even be dialects of each language.

And emotes / gestures can be used to communicate as well.

And it won't be gibberish, they are all actual conlangs with their own grammar and vocabulary

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