Elyséen, Mélodine’s Conservatory of music

Elyséen, Mélodine’s Conservatory of music

  • Server : EU Selene
  • Kingdom : Nirath
  • Duchy : Zabi Demesne
  • County : Lunicorne
  • City : Mélodine
  • Organisation : Conservatory of music

The county of Lunicorne is renown for Elyséen, Mélodine's conservatory of music.

Mélodine, city of Music

Walking through the beautifulls gardens of Mélodine, what wanderer hasn't been touched by heaven in the enchanting atmosphere of the Elyséen musics and songs ?

Many visitors enjoy their stay by listening to bards performers in the taverns, or by attending the spring celebration happening in Mélodine's Temple of Love.

Tavern perfomer

None the less, Mélodine is known as the City of Music. This attracts Lovers all over the region to receive benediction from the high priestess of love, but also number of adventurers coming to listen bards and their "chanson de geste" about famous quests, fabulous treasure, deadly creatures, and sacred lost places.

Many bards come to Mélodine to increase and share their art of music, or to search inspiration in this « touched by love and music of Gods » city.

Elyséen, The breathtaking conservatory of musci from Mélodine

The Lunicorne conservatory of music is the breathtaking school of Elyria welcoming talentous musicians and renown bards.

It is said that a pilgrimage to Mélodine is the experience to live for a bard once in her lifetime, and to be "touched" by the inspiration of heaven.

Music of heaven

Elyséen rectorship keep diplomatic relations with music academy of other cities in order to encourage discovery and exchange of knowledge.

Elyséen is currently looking to fill the following open positions :

  • Rector
  • Event Organiser
  • Professors
  • priestess

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