NA/E Neran shops

Who plans to have a café or tea shop? I'm just trying to get a heads up on places to hang out, talk and maybe have a cup of tea. Also make some contacts that might be interested in buying herbal teas ect.

3/16/2019 10:16:59 PM #1

That's an interesting idea.

While I'm not specifically aiming to open a coffee or tea shop, I will focus a lot on international trade, and my main town will definitely have some places where you can grab a drink and meet people from all over the place.

If you'd want to open a tea shop in my city you'd be more then welcome. I'll make sure to import some exotic herbs for your shop so you can make all kinds of brews.

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3/16/2019 11:46:08 PM #2

One of the guys in my duchy (erzhalden) is all about restaurants etc. He plans to focus entirely on cooking etc.



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