[NA-E] Kusa's End

Kusa's End

Kusa's End is a town based in the county of Attoric, Duchy of Acrium, The Solaris Federation! Kusa's End will be primarily focused around the various arts involving metal. Blacksmiths, Armorers, Jewelers, Miners, Engineering! The list goes on, but if it deals with metal, we're gonna play with it! Plenty of supporting professions needed as well. Carpentry is essential to any good tool or weapon! You can't build a metal bridge without a good architect! All these people MUST EAT! If you are interested in expanding your metalworking horizons, simply want to birth brutal weapons, or wish to create the perfect suit of armor, you will find like minds here!


  • Long Term we intend to position ourselves as an authority on metalworking for our County, Duchy, and hopefully Kingdom.
  • Short Term we will be focusing on researching, development and deployment of a strong foundation for a top tier manufacturing hub. First step will be exploiting available resources in order to support the needs of upgrading infrastructure, growing population base as well as research and trade.

Town Positions

At this point I still can't get too specific as far as local government positions go. If any of the above sounds like something you would like to be a part of, then I'd love to talk to you!


Disclaimer: The above is subject to change pending any information or reveals by SBS

9/13/2019 2:17:49 PM #1

About to pick my town and things are finally moving forward!

9/20/2019 2:22:56 AM #2

My pick is now official!

Come hang out and get to know us on Discord!

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