Folk and Fairy tales

A child sat on the ground in front of the house door and had a little bowl with milk and bread nearby and ate. A toad came crawling and dipped its littler head into the bowl and ate with the boy.The next day it came again and did this every day for some time.The child took delight in this , and when he saw, however, that the toad would only drink the milk and leave the bread lying there, the child took his little spoon , hit the toad a little on its head, and said" You thing you,eat the bread too". In the meantime the boy had become a handsome and big, and his mother stood right behind him and saw the toad. Then she ran over to them and beat the toad to death. From that time on the child became emaciated and finally died. This a a real folk story from the Grimm Brothers collection, most folk or fairy tales contain common themes; 3 brother or sisters, simpletons, gold, lost kings, talking animals, magic items and blood, usually very vary large amounts of blood. Would anyone know any Elyrian folk or fairy tales they would like to share?

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OoooOOOOoo I'm actually really excited to see some of these~ There have been mentions of fairy tales and key figures and I'd love to see more about them dev and community made~!

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Oooh...i love this.

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