Soulmates & Soulmate Café

Well, first things first.

What are Soulmates?

In CoE Soulmates can be seen in various lights. They can be friends, foes, rivals, lovers, supporters, and various other terms that you can think of. Now, don't take those words tooo crazily because the term "Soulmates" in regards to CoE is not meant as something romantic (it can be, but not meant as such because your soulmate can be your family, same gender, opposite gender, different tribe, who knows!).

But here's a bit from This DJ in the devs words about soulmates:

We all want to believe there’s someone out there who shares our same feelings and goals. Someone who fully understands us. Someone who truly loves us. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if that’s true or not. What we can tell you is you’re likely not alone.

Each soul has a kindred spirit, a twin, a soul mate that is identical in every way. If a soul has a talent, the twin will have a talent. Whatever the destiny of the soul, the twin shares the same destiny. This permanent link between souls results in several mutual benefits.

First, the closer soul mates are to one another the more aware they are of the other’s presence. Within some limited distance a soul mate can always locate their twin.

Second, Soul mates are so acutely attuned to the memories and experiences of the other that within some limited distance they begin to pick up on the skills of the other. It’s said when two soul mates come in contact their skills become so acutely attuned that they complete one another - granting the combined skillset to both soul mates in everything they do.

Finally, the shared connection between soul mates acts as a battery to their spirit. So long as they are near each other, and so long as their bodies can endure, a soul mate separated from their body will always have sufficient spirit to find their way back from the Astral Plane.

Sounds great, right? There’s a catch. Soul mates only begin their existence as twins. Each soul lives their own lives and develops an affinity toward light or dark. While their destinies are inexorably intertwined, there’s no guarantee they’ll lie on the same side of the cosmic struggle when they meet.

Most importantly, soul mates whose affinity go in opposite direction become diametrically opposed to one another. To that end, there is only one way to get past such an antagonist – separate their soul from their body and send them back to the Akashic Records.

Key Points

  • NPC's can not be Soulmates -- This is a good feature because it ensures good gameplay

  • Soul Mates are created at the same time -- This is really neat because this means that as the game progresses there will always be people creating new characters and thus creating more Soul Mates in the world.

  • Can't make someone your soul mate -- This is a good key point because Soul mates give eachother a form of "buff" from what we know, however, we aren't entirely sure as to what that buff effects.

  • Not meant as a "romance" feature" -- The Soul Mate System was added as a way to create more story in the game ~ Although it is extremely rare that you'll be able to find your soul mate.

  • You can sense your Soul mate's pressence -- This is a very unique and interesting featuer, you can sense your soul mate at a limited distance. I'm extremely interested in seeing this in action ~

  • Different story depending on affinity -- The story for soul mates is a very in depth one once you get the chance to play it granted that you find your soul mate to begin with. The story can go one of 3 ways. You're the same affinity -- Which means that you get your buff and whatever else that involves. You're opposite affinities -- If you're opposite affinities then your soul mate can ONE time CDG permakill you. You're opposite affinity -- but yall still stay friends and protect eachother with your lives! Okay, its still only 2 ways for the story, but you can make many ways from those ways! High risk, High reward.


Soul mates are an extremely well thought, extremely rare and unique feature that CoE intends to add in game. It hasn't been added in any other game that I can think of in this way. It gives an amazing story to be played out at every level. The possibilities are endless. Now comes where I'd like to see this utilized in game~! ^.^

AMAZING art picture drawn by Hellmoon

The Soul Mate Café is an idea I have been sharing and creating for a really long time in CoE in the various communities and official channels and now I'd like to spread that information further to see if others would like to also get in joining me in creating these café's all over Elyria on the various servers.


The Goal of the Cafés is to create an area that people can safely go in hopes in meeting their soulmate, basically its a indoor and outdoor more upscaled Café created for people of all levels from citizen to nobility to royalty to get the chance in meeting their soulmate or just having really yummy amazing tea, or even just enjoying the music because why not. ^.^


The only thing I would suggest for this is that there be some form of rules or guidelines in place so that people can meet their soulmate safely in a Safe environment.

Why? Because everyone will be different, everyone is different, its possible that you'll have the same affinity, and it's completely possible that you'll have the opposite affinity. You need to work with others so that they can be able to meet their soulmate in game and be able to work with you to make it a positive experience for others.

I'll add more details and information when more becomes available and when I find more and what not, but most of it will be in my post in the luna forum section and when I create a discord to get more people involved in this closer to game time ~ Feel free to PM me on here or discord if I peaked your interest and I really hope that you had a fun time learning or learning more about Soul Mates! ^.^

2/11/2019 5:22:03 AM #1

Thinking like an engineer, since soulmates are made when the souls are created, a good way to find them is to find out which souls were created at the same time. The next question is, what does "created" mean in this context. Does it mean initially sparked (I tend to doubt that)? Does it mean encoded in the Akashic Records (I think this the most likely)? Or does it mean something else, such as when a soul is associated with a player account?

Or perhaps the last is exactly when a soul is encoded in the Akashic Records? If so, then how does one prevent two souls owned by the same player from being soulmates? That eventuality would seem to foul up the whole system.

Getting back from the tangent (it had a specific intent), it would seem that the Soulmate Cafe could work by trying to line up the potential creation times of souls. That could involve players sharing information on account creation dates and such.

On the other hand (assuming I haven't already run out of hands), perhaps all souls are created procedurally, two at a time, whereby the pairings could be determined algorithmically (one's complement internal identifiers come to mind as an encoding). If this is the case, then the identifiers would need to be deeply internal, and never be casually revealed to players, to avoid exploitation.

2/11/2019 5:25:02 AM #2

Theyre created at the same time whenever a set of souls is bound to a server according to what I read and could find~

2/11/2019 4:04:28 PM #3

Are you making a place for soul mates to meet up? That would be kind of cool. What server is the soul mate cafe going to be in?

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2/11/2019 4:34:07 PM #4

Posted By Thecutepig at 09:04 AM - Mon Feb 11 2019

Are you making a place for soul mates to meet up? That would be kind of cool. What server is the soul mate cafe going to be in?

Yes! I’m hoping to get people who would like to do it on all servers~ it’ll originate on east

2/13/2019 2:26:43 PM #5

Let me join. I want to see if your child gets bonus benefits from being from soul mates

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2/23/2019 5:31:45 AM #6

Anyone can join, but it'll take truly dedicated people who wish to create and run the Café's on the various servers