I'm rather new to the forums, but I've been looking through many posts and haven't seen anything about prosthetics. I saw there was surgery and bone setting, so I was just wondering if there was any plans for losing limbs and having to have simple replacements for them such as a metal forearm for wielding a weapon. I personally am very excited when I see such things exist in game in one form or another due to me living most of my life disabled, however I completely understand if that's not an option and still look forward to the realistic wounding system they have set up! Thank you for all replies and opinions!

2/10/2019 10:10:05 PM #1

The decision was made on limbs that they could potentially lose function on a temporary basis, but not permanent.

Personally I think it would be an amazing thing to add as it would add more depth to players lives, but for very obvious reasons people may find that mechanic to be more irritating than fun. Especially for people that was to focus on combat.

2/10/2019 10:40:07 PM #2

It would add a lot from a story perspective, but at the point a character loses a limb, most if not all players will simply retire the character because of the limits it places on what they can do in a game. A permanent disability that ends gameplay for a character is effectively redundant with death.

In CoE, perhaps losing an arm would still be playable if you can focus your play time on the town/county/duchy management. But in most cases, I think it's a game ending condition, unfortunately.

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