Tribal Armor Concept Sculpt: Neran Heavy Armor

Hail Elyrians!

Can you guess what time it is? Awww yeah, it's shiny time! Have a look at the Neran Heavy Armor concept sculpt:

In this case, we're at the end of our series of concept sculpts on componential armor platforms. (That sentence by the way? That's why designers don't use our internal jargon, when we talk to the press or the public, all that often. ;) ) I'm not sure what we'll featuring in our next shiny day, but this is probably the last piece of armor you're going to see for awhile.

We've definitely seen a lot of armor at this point, though, so it's probably time to move on. I'll miss doing these though; in this series you've seen lots of different ways a single armor type/platform can be used to produce multiple types of armor, which I hope gives you at least an inkling of how the crafting system will leverage concepts like swapping components or using different materials, in conjunction with the work from our content team, to produce multiple variations. This approach ensures we can get a lot of variety with just a small amount of extra effort.

You've also seen the styles used by at least one such platform for each of the tribes, which I hope helps to convey at least a few of the differences in culture and aesthetic between the various tribes we've shown. I realize it won't tell you everything there is to know about the To'resk or the Kypiq, to use a couple of examples, but hopefully understanding some of the materials and techniques the tribes use, and what some of the resulting effort looks like, works to fill in some blanks for you!

Until next time, stay shiny Elyrians!

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hmmm interesting looks heavy

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Paint that armor black and have that guy guard a bridge!

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Neran armour best armour

would there be different styles for Northern Neran and Southern Neran?

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Hoping for upcoming shinies to be typical upper/middle/lower class clothing from each tribe... Or building mockups, those would be nice...

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Posted By AvariciaMoon at 11:15 AM - Fri Feb 08 2019

Hoping for upcoming shinies to be typical upper/middle/lower class clothing from each tribe... Or building mockups, those would be nice...

Seeing racial architecture would be fantastic.

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Chad heavy armor.

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Forsooth! Looks good, classic bucket helmet. Looking forward to whatever the next category of shinies is going to be...

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You can tell by my profile picture how I feel about this.

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This looks really good.

Next time ... you should begin a series of Peasant Clothes with equipment etc, e.g. Neran farmer outfit with pitchfork, noble lady with noble's sword, Dras healer's clothing etc. Indeed whatever you guys happen to have sculpted, I'd love to see! :)

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Love this!!!!!

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