Maaliline University of Natural Sciences and Magic

Maaliline University of Natural Sciences and Magic

Located within the Town of Maaliline within the County of Métismärle in the Kingdom of Aequitas, the University is the brain child of Count Taymurâz Zakâr who acts as the University Administrative head.

The University itself is split into two primary sections. The mundane natural academic sciences and the Métismärle Magical Academy, with quite a bit of overlap between the two.

The general University mission statement is:

  • To gather and protect all available knowledge about the world and it's workings with a focus on the natural sciences.
  • Advance the collective knowledge of the world at large.


Within the University-proper there are three roles that members can take up. All races and members of all kingdoms are welcome to participate, and sharing of knowledge with travelers and other schools and universities is encouraged.

  • Professors. These members sit on the board that manage the university along with the Count himself. Their purpose is to train and guide all new members as well as keep the university operating.
  • Journeymen. These members Actively go out into the world at large to gather knowledge, delving into dungeons, conducting field research, or simply transcribing texts from other collections for the University Library. The head Journeyman is also the university Librarian (and holds a special seat on the University board).
  • Students. Undertaking training and/or research, and generally contributing to both their own skills and the pool of knowledge at the university.

Mages Academy

The Mages Academy works within the University at large, so magick users also hold regular university roles. However the mages Academy differs in that only citizens of the Kingdom of Aequitas may hold any role within it. The purpose of the Mages Academy isn't just to obtain knowledge and further understanding of magic and the supernatural, but also to work to protect the Kingdom of Aequitas from rogue magic users and supernatural threats. As such all trainees must be in the sworn service of a member of any of the Aequitas Nobility, and those wishing to progress to higher ranks must swear specifically to the Count himself and reside within Maaliline.

  • Archmages, many will also be Professors of the university in general. Their job is to train new magic users and direct the activities of Mages.
  • Mage-Knights who will train in both magical arts and in combat. They will hunt down rogue magic users, supernatural monsters, hunt for relics and new magical knowledge, and protect the realm of Aequitas from magical threats. Most Mage-Knights are also Journeymen.
  • Trainees, new members who have not yet taken on a definite role. Trainees are also either students or journeymen in the university as a whole.

To join simply contact Count Taymurâz Zakâr either here, in person in game (once the game begins), or via the County of Métismärle Discord.