Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda

Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda

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LOTRmodded minecraft ...

for CoE and minecraft roleplayers & builders

This minecraft LOTRmod veteran and the Duchy of Anor proudly bring you a LOTRmodded minecraft server to play on!

This server aims to

1) provide a minecraft based gameplay environment for CoE communities where they can start playing together, and

2) create a bridge between the worlds and gameplay of minecraft roleplayers and CoE and its community.

The possible perks of this server from a CoE perspective:

  • CoE communities can play together in one (sub-)faction, set up their own fellowship and establish and build their own settlements and populate them with NPCs to their liking.

  • The world is massive, even larger than Elyria. Arda (downscaled 1:20!) measures a stunning 350 km from west to east and 450 km from north to south. That's about 8 times the size of Elyrias starting continent. Elyrias starting continent is comparable with the size of the part of Middle-earth known from the LOTR trilogy stretching from Lindon in the west to the Iron Hills in the east and Angmar in the north to Gondor in the south.

  • The alignment system of the LOTRmod has a slight resemblance with the reputation system of CoE. Faction alignment determines where you're safe and your presence appreciated and where you must bring an army to survive.

  • The server is whitelisted as we aim to gather a healthy, mature community. The law and order on the server is controlled by the whitelisted community. Any scum can be disposed of.

  • We go by the principle of consented PvP. The player is in charge. This doesn't mean you can go anywhere without the risk of being slain. Enemy NPCs can still invade your lands, and you're free game in enemy lands. This creates an environment where roleplayer-builders can be certain their long term community and structure building efforts aren't in vain.

  • The server is comitted for at least a full year and all rules and features aim to support long term gameplay objectives.

  • It's relatively cheap as it only requires a minecraft account. And installing is made easier as we provide a light modpack via the TechnicPack launcher.


You can join our community and get whitelisted via our Discord Server: Discord server.

Further Information

Starting points, scope and objectives: Overview

Rules and Guidelines for both Discord and Minecraft server: Rules and Guidelines

General Information, a.o. on IP, Modpack and Discord roles: General Information

Installation guides and an overview of tutorial information, tips and links for people new to minecraft or the LOTRmod: Installation and Gameplay Guide

All information on the whitelisting procedure and the application template: Whitelisting


The server has opened for whitelisted players on 15 January 2019.

1/8/2019 8:51:57 PM #1

We officially opened whitelisting season!

1/14/2019 10:21:19 PM #2

This server will open its gates for whitelisted players tomorrow!

1/15/2019 5:31:40 AM #3

The server has just opened for whitelisted players.

1/19/2019 8:17:54 PM #4

Sharing some of the in-game feel of the wonderful LOTRmod for minecraft with a few screenshots of only one of the dozens of major biomes in Middle-earth:

The Angle, home to the Dúnedain of the North, heirs of the once mighty Kingdom of Arnor.

Village in The Angle - remnants of Arnor mark the land

A camp of the Rangers of the North in The Angle

Dúnedain middleman at sub-faction spawn in The Angle - recruiting various NPCs for players

The Angle - hamlet

The Angle - Ranger camp overlooking a nearby village

Meandering river - athelas - willows - larch forest - Ranger lookout tower

1/24/2019 9:58:41 PM #5

Been playing this in 'Creative' mode - helpful, as a noob, to both Minecraft and LOTR. I also really enjoying the huge diversity of the game. Can definitely see how a group of pledged-Elyrians playing this will be assisted to get used to each others ways and skills... A great way of bonding those who'll be a future Elyrian group (whether settlement, town, guild of crafters or whatever).

Physician, Alchemist & Herbalist to the Duchy of Anor, Al-Khezam - Selene (EU) Server

1/31/2019 2:43:08 PM #6

A new series of in-game screenshots to show villages of some of the men of the free peoples of Middle-earth:

  • In Rohan, you'll find fortresses and villages with or without wooden defences. Will they be able to fend off the invaders from Isengard and Dunland?

Rohan - will these pallisade ensure the safety of these Rohirrim farmers?

  • In Gondor, the people hide behind solid walls, hoping for their lords and military to keep out hordes from Mordor, Easterlings and Haradrim.

Gondor - a walled town in Anórien

  • In Dale, men live relatively peacefully in scattered open hamlets, but orcs from Gundabad and Easterlings from the Rhudel might ruin that scene sooner than any northman would expect. The Dalish alliances with Durin's Folk, Dorwinion and the Wood-elves may prove crucial for their survival.

Dale - hamlets and a fortress in the distance, bordering the foothills of Erebor

Will you make one of those your own?

1/31/2019 6:56:25 PM #7

If you guys ever set up a first age server that would be great to see. Working on the cold dark of Utumno; the spires of thangorodrim dwarfing Angband; the mysterious and beautiful cave city of Doriath; Minas Tirith on the lonely isle of Tol Sirion... so much potential!

The night is dark and full of terrors

1/31/2019 8:41:20 PM #8

Posted By Mandos at 1/31/2019 6:56:25 PM

If you guys ever set up a first age server that would be great to see. Working on the cold dark of Utumno; the spires of thangorodrim dwarfing Angband; the mysterious and beautiful cave city of Doriath; Minas Tirith on the lonely isle of Tol Sirion... so much potential!

That has been done, can be done again and in fact there is still a First Age Server up with a dedicated First Age Submod, developed with approval of the LOTRmod creator. I was rather involved in the project for the first two servers we created for that purpose, and for the first Second Age submod and server as well. The ownership of the submods has been passed onward to the main coder. The server curently running the First Age submod is called 'The Elder Days'. Do note that the rules and settings of that server are significantly different than those of Ilu Ambar.

Do note that Utumno is in fact part of the Third Age LOTRmod, as a separate dimension, playable as a type of dungeon world for special loot and boss fights. Not for the faint-hearted. On Ilu Ambar, we will open Utumno for special occasions / player organised server events.

2/5/2019 6:49:55 AM #9

I've been playing on this server for a couple of weeks now and I'm having a great time. The mod is very excellent--I'd not had a chance to play it prior to this and I was pleasantly surprised. There are many similarities to CoE, so it's worth checking out.

The community is very helpful, mature and a joy to play with. New, active players every day. Join us!

2/9/2019 1:18:45 PM #10

The server community is still growing and has a nice mix of young adults and 'older' gamers. Gradually small communities ('fellowships') begin to form of players working together to establish their own settlements and outposts, and roleplay and adventure together in the vast world of Middle-earth.

Here's another batch of screenshots displaying mod-generated content. This time featuring some of the (lesser known) mannish factions who live 'Under the Shadow' of the fallen Maia Sauron, who resides in Mordor:

  • The Easterlings of Rhudel thrive whilst they profit from both their trade relationships with Dorwinion, and their allegiance to Sauron.

Easterlings of Rhudel live Under the Shadow

  • The Corsairs in Umbar are seeking to get their revenge on the declining realm of Gondor.

Corsairs of Umbar control the western coasts of Harad

  • The Gulfings of the Gulf of Harad may hardly see war, but support their saviour Sauron regardless, as it was he who freed all of their kin in Near Harad from the horrendous rule of the men of the west.

Sunrise in the Gulf of Harad

2/10/2019 1:16:48 PM #11

I've been playing on this server for a couple of days, and I must say it's a must-have experience, especially for those hyped with CoE. Huge world (bigger than CoE), with mature players, immersive survival and roleplay, together with an amazing Lord of the Rings mod. I feel like it simulates the experience we expect to have in CoE.

If you like CoE, LotR or simply wants to roleplay in a player-driven world, this server is for you. Still hesitating? Join the discord and ask around. I'm sure you will be pleased.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

2/12/2019 6:07:21 PM #12

We adjusted our rules regarding player character/faction changes:

Players can now create multiple characters and switch character every week if they please. Upon character switch their old character LOTRmod data will be saved for later use and they will start with a blank sheet for their new character, or an old character LOTRmod data file if they wish to resume playing an old character they had.

2/19/2019 8:52:33 PM #13

Player characters start to make their mark on the server world. Here's a post by Belzeref showcasing his latest survival build:

"Gazing upon the newly reapired Morannon, Gorbag the Lesser could feel the twilight of Man be upon this world."

Morannon by Belzeref's player character Gorbag the Lesser

3/1/2019 6:12:02 PM #14

Showcasing another finished player character build in nice contrast with the previous one. As described by Níssel, a Dorwinion elf character of OttraTheFox:

"Southern Politea - Polis on the western shores of Rhun sea.

Temple of Yavanna on the top of the "Palitos" Hill. Shooting range, private manors and civilian houses, baths of Orome (far left) and numerous summer houses."

Southern Politea by Ottra<em>The</em>Fox's player character Níssel

All player created sites are roleplay hubs and potential stages for future events, of any kind.

Currently, players are also working to establish massive lore sites like Rivendell, Erebor and Fornost Erain.

Others spend their time exploring, questing for their sub-faction or its allies, roleplaying or building more modest, but often equally satisfying, builds.

4/1/2019 11:10:44 AM #15

We now officially also support players to choose a pacifist character role. More info about this is presented in §2.7 of the Rules & Guidelines document.

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