horses are amazing and every one should have one people think that they are gross and ugly but they treat you how they have been treated

12/26/2018 3:25:53 AM #1

i agree

12/26/2018 3:28:38 AM #2

This. This is a person who can hold a good conversation!

Horses are the basis of all travel! Even in modern times we explain how good something is by comparing it to a horse!

You my friend, have earned a plus 1.

12/26/2018 6:31:38 AM #3

Oh yeah? Well, if you really reason like that, grow your own horse!

I like horses too, but I refuse to force my opinion upon people with bold rhetoric. Hah.


What i say.

12/26/2018 8:07:11 AM #4

I agree, horses are good.

12/26/2018 8:29:55 AM #5

Horses are kinda sketchy but they smell nice, like a well cleaned car but more grassy.

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12/28/2018 9:51:25 PM #6

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing, give it a lick, it tastes just like raisins. ♫

12/28/2018 10:14:29 PM #7

So on the subject of horses, this is a thing in Finland

Coming Soon(tm)

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Posted By chipla at 2:14 PM - Fri Dec 28 2018

So on the subject of horses, this is a thing in Finland

I had to stop watching that after 10 seconds because the person in the background very seriously going through a routine had me cracking up.

12/28/2018 10:18:54 PM #9

Every game I play where you can name your horse, I name him Jon. This amuses me. I'll never stop. Jon the Horse is my constant companion.

12/28/2018 10:21:59 PM #10

In some parts of europe they also eat horse but the splithoof kind but i digress.... horses are great.

12/28/2018 11:38:07 PM #11

I've spent more time falling off of horses than riding. One reason I love them in video games they don't feel my fear lol.

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12/30/2018 9:24:16 AM #12

In a game, the most difficult horse-ride that I ever had was as Henry the blacksmith's son in KCD: his first horse ride was him fleeing from his home town of Skalitz to the castle at Talmberg pursued by enemies. The controls drove me mad! Took me nearly three days of rage-quitting, despair and determination before succeeding. If my CoE horse-riding experience is the same I swear I will eat it!!! [Note: No horses will actually be harmed if this proves true...but I'll certainly punch through my monitor!]

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12/30/2018 4:05:28 PM #13

Posted By chipla at 5:14 PM - Fri Dec 28 2018

So on the subject of horses, this is a thing in Finland

They need more horses in Finland.

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