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Courage, Duty, Perseverance, Ancestral Honor, Knowledge

County of Venesia: The Coastal Guard County

The founders of the county’s origin stems from a far away land in Elyria, they referred to themselves as the sea riders. They have found their way in the well esteemed & established duchy of Bloodbole. They now serve their duke in providing protection to the duchy’s sea. With the potential threat of pirates and bandits, the county focuses on providing Naval services to their domain. It is also rumored that they also have an alternative goal to take the seas and find their ancestral homes.

The symbol of the county is the Kraken, a large squid with tentacles. The each tentacle represents the main family line of the original settlers of Vesenia. All of the tentacles reach back to the head of the Kraken, representing the ancestral knowledge and power. The knowledge from the past can definitely be seen in the people of Vesenia in present day. The wisdom of sea riders show up in their ability to provide the best sailors and navy men that Luna has ever seen.

Sea Merchants & Trading Hub: It is worth noting that Vesenia is also a center point for trading and getting imports from other regions of Luna. It is filled with bustling street merchants trying to sell their goods. It is common for one to be overwhelmed by the sound of bargaining and loud pedestrians.

The Government / Aristocracy

We are accepting Government Roles - Click Here To See

The Grand Navy of Vesenia

The Grand Navy of Vesenia an organization that focuses on protecting the duchy of Bloodbole. They are comprised of people with extremely different skill sets and abilities. The work in small groups, referred to as a “crew”. This crew carries out missions to protect the domain from the terror or bandits, enemies or pirate alike.

Code of Honor:

1.) Sacrifice: A deep understand that we shall sacrifice our lives for our domain. 2.) Self-Reflection: Understanding that one should strive for excellence and understand his weaknesses. 3.) Respect: Respect the ancestors (Elderly), and as well as those in higher ranking. 4.) Protection of the State: The Navy is an organization devoted to protecting Acrium, they must prioritize the duchy over their own county in certain conditions. 5.) Honor: You must accept defeat with honor and honesty.

Reasons you should join:

  • It's new and accepts all goals within the game
  • Exciting and unique playstyle
  • New and flexible
  • Many open settlements
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Glad to have you as a Vassal!

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fixed the Forum

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I look forward to seeing more people join us!

Long Live The King!

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I look forward to seeing your county prosper and grow. Keep up the great work.

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I have a question for all of your good looking Vesenia people out there ,so im new here and what's is this County is all about if you guys dont mine me asking.

9/21/2019 2:52:30 AM #7

we are a sea loving county, anyone is welcome to join.

9/24/2019 2:21:50 AM #8

Yar.. safe travels friends.. :) Honor & Glory!

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