[EU/Demalion] Duchy Of Krytan

The Duchy of Krytan#

Greetings! The Duchy of Krytan welcomes all the travellers and its humble citizens! Our Duchy is pledged to help you with all your doubts and will provide interesting areas for your development and well being. Learn how to fight, farm or whatever else you dream of and enjoy it with a group of friends. If you are alone, do not worry! We all started as single players. Now, we are a group of colleagues and friends who care for their people and help all other promising ones. Are you living in a frozen country to the north of the globe? Or maybe... in a dusty desert or a greenish jungle? Speaking alienish, earthish or anyotherish language? Whoever you are and whatever your gender, you... yes YOU are welcome to join our great Duchy! Maybe you are as crazy as us? The Duchy of Krytan is your place then! Get ready! Our story begins soon!

The Duchy of Krytan is located on the EU server Selene and it is also a part of two kingdoms that form the Empire of Demalion. We aim for kingdom 1 southern border location whose biome is perfect for Brudvir, it seems to be Neran and Hrothi friendly as well. The environment is the Boreal Forest (Taiga) which is a perfect match for the chosen races and will provide essential for building resources. The location itself provides great possibilities for interesting city development and organization. The Duke Chevo of house Eroth who rules, loves beauty and pays attention to the smallest details. His greatest aspiration is to create the most beautiful and richest looking Duchy amongst all others. He surely has the power to do it as he claims and is eager to prove so. He aspires to create the most beautiful capitol and cities you will ever see in all of the six kingdoms. Stay tuned!

Our Aspirations:

Our main objective is to focus on economy, adventuring and research. In order to develop a prosperous duchy, the economy, especially the expansion of trade routes will be the centre of our politics.

As within the Krytan Duchy, you will be offered endless possibilities of becoming whoever you want to be. If you do not know yet, you can choose among being a fishermen, farmer, lumberjack, miner, blacksmith, builder, architect, naval engineer, warrior and whoever else you truly want to be.

At the coastal area our plan is to develop the naval fleet, but not only. What we aim for, is the exploration of trading routes leading to unknown yet lands. We also think about a small fishermen village! The early bird catches the worm! The harder you work and the more people you help, the greater the duchy becomes and the greater your fame will grow!

Remember that your exceptional hard work will be rewarded!

We also plan to create a great army of warriors to protect the land of the Royal Duchy and its Counties with all their trade routes.

You can achieve anything your heart desires, go and explore unknown places that no one has seen before, try your luck at commerce and remember that this is a game, so have fun!


In order to protect our folks, trade routes and borders, we will create a grand army.

In order to make one we will develop weapons, armours and all other kind of researches that will improve the strength of our army. Among those will be various forms of combat, tactics and skill drill camps.

Warriors will be provided with free lodges, food and a weekly income. In times out of war they will do special missions such as protection of diplomats during their political affairs or protection of traders and trade routes. Also protection of the farmers against thieves or animals and vicious etc.

The Attitude of the Duchy:

As a part of the Demalion Empire we follow the principles of Respect, Courage, Trust, Loyalty and Generosity. Every citizen shall take these into their heart and live by them. We should respect ourselves and others within and outside of the Duchy.


The rules set forth by the Emperor, Duke and Count of the domain you are playing in. People’s immersion via Role-Play. Role-play itself is not mandatory but respect and try to maintain their immersion as best as possible.


Show courage in difficult situations and help people around you.


It is a big world and we need to work together and trust each other to make this a great Duchy.


Play for your fun and wealth. But rally and help the empire during times of war.


Taxes will be set by the emperor and will apply to all levels of nobility. The main religion of the Duchy will be the one chosen by the Emperor.

All players willing to follow the rules are welcome.

The Structure of the Duchy:

The structure is a set of political principles and represents the general figures by which a duchy is governed. The record provides information and hierarchy rank of the most important members of the duchy as follows:

The Duke

Second in Command & The Dukes Advisor

A person who takes the responsibility and decides about a Duchy when the Duke is not present. It is most trusted person right after the Duke.

The Lord Diplomat

A Duchy’s voice in other regions of the continent. The Diplomat’s role is to travel, represent and negotiate.

The Lord General

The highest rank officer of the Duchy’s military system. The person decides about military power, its trainings, structure and strategy.

The Lord of Coin

The chosen person who decides about taxes and the evaluation of goods. He or she is the financial advisor and executive of agreements between parties.

The Lord Supervisor

A person whose job is to supervise and make sure the work and law is done according to a set of rules provided by the Duchy. The person decides about law enforcement and justice.

We recruit Elyrians, Pioneers, Founders, Bloodlines, Settlers, Proprietors, Aristocrats and Counts.

We look for fishermen, farmers, lumberjacks, miners, blacksmiths, builders, architects, naval engineers and for everyone else that wants to play the game with us.

Fearless warriors REQUIRED!

There are more opportunities to work for the lordship.


But where is Elyria?

Server: The EU Server - Selene

Kingdom: The Demalion Empire

Capital City: Asgard

Tribes: Brudvir, Neran, Hrothi

Biomes: Taiga

Religion: Faedin

Join Us: Duchy Discord

(Pictures by: joakimolofsson, Jeko98 & RefusedMind)

12/21/2018 10:13:36 PM #1

We wish you success

12/22/2018 8:07:53 AM #2

Nice to finally see the write-up for this Duchy, looking good! Good fortune to you and your people, Chevo.

12/28/2018 8:29:11 AM #3

Nice duchy post, I hope you'll find some support for your project and look forward to visit your lands later in the game ;)

4/2/2019 5:37:34 PM #4

Brothers in Arms! The North is our Homeland and together we will seek for grand Glory!

9/5/2019 4:07:12 PM #5

Thanks Chevo for this niche dutchy. I hope we all will have lots of fun.

Ut sementem feceris, ita metes

12/19/2019 8:36:11 AM #6

Respect Courage Trust Loyalty Generosity ...

that's the foundation for my project, to errect a meeting point for scientists, scribes and pilgrims at the border between different nations to combine our knowledge. Every peaceful worker is welcome to participate and establish a holy place for all Elyrians with different religion. Chronicles and newspapers will be written, Letters send to every location outside.

House Pyrros