We've seen that rituals can apparently light things on fire if done. Does this seem like a way to start a ritual based "caster"? Or do you think there's less ability to use it like that? I'm curious to see what others think rather than whats canon, so this is just for fun.

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The firelighting "ritual" appears to just be a way to start a fire using focused light from a crystal lens. Not really any kind of magic to it that I can tell.

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Any magical rituals would be EXTREMELY rare, only 5% of the accounts have magic and 5% of those magic-born will discover they have it. So theoretically there could be rituals like that.


1/26/2019 11:11:23 PM #3

As far as I read until now from the Dev Journals, the magic powers will be given randomly to the 5% of the players, however, this power needs to be awaked somehow by a traumatic event.

The strongest is the traumatic event the powerful will be the magic you will possess. The magic will be part of your soul in the next lives and you won't need another traumatic event to awake it.

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1/27/2019 6:21:03 PM #4

Minor correction. 5% of players will have the opportunity to unlock a talent. Likely, less than 1% of the talented will have a talent for magic like being able to manipulate elements such as fire.

And talents are only possessed over one lifetime. A talent can switch souls, which means they aren't tied to only one account over the 10 year story.

1/28/2019 6:53:29 AM #5

Even with only a handful of people having magical powers, idk if one needs to be a mage to perform certain rituals or use certain magical items. Look at the artifacts like the sunstone or the chalice of the deeps. Those seem like things anybody could use.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of normal people being able to trigger magical effects through the use of magical items and rituals. There may even be a science to the rituals in the universe of Elyria for all we know. Something to look into at least.

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2/7/2019 2:16:14 AM #6

probably more science then magic rituals. although with people that have magical talents that have those restrictions i could see it

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