The man who would be Pirate King of OCE

Everyone is a monster to someone, since you’re so convinced that I am yours, I’ll be it.

My goal if I become King of Sokora is aiming to be a pirate Kingdom in OCE what this means is that our focus will primarily be on making ships, weapons, alcohol and plundering the seas. This will be a PvP Kingdom focusing on naval warfare and attacking coastal settlements. Bandits, outlaws, outcasts and other deviant people will be welcomed within the Kingdom. However, there will still be laws in the Kingdom to protect its citizens, we will just not deport them if they come to our Kingdom after robbing and plundering the scurvy bastards!

Exploration will be a secondary goal and expanding the Kingdom through small islands that we lay claim to, to create secondary bases of operation in the seas and places to store loot and other items we procure during our marvelous adventures and repair any damages our ships may sustain in our pursuits for more booty.

Thirdly will be technological advancement in Weaponry and Ships. We want the most fast and sturdiest ships in all of OCE. This will help us conquer lands and steal ships. We will also use espionage to steal technology from other Kingdoms to help further our own. We are a Kingdom of deviants afterall!

Why I should be picked over others? Brand recognition.

Real reason, I’ve been a long member of CoE, going on 3 years now. I’m well known to most people as either a person who stabs others or wears nipple tassels, I am known within the community. I’m fairly laid back as most people who know me can attest to. I’ve been active within multiple communities and have gotten multiple people to announce they’ll make alt accounts on OCE bringing more to the OCE community. Also it’d be the only PvP focused Kingdom creating conflict and new stories, and I am an expert at creating chaos. What else have I done? During the plague event while I was preaching for the plague, I also bought multiple people elyrian packages and also sent purity tokens to help people out get more packages. So i’ve helped the OCE community during events.

Another reason, OCE is pretty friendly and all bar Lady Grace wants peace on the server. Why? That makes a server boring and stagnant, we need conflict to drive the story further and to make sure people aren’t just happy doing little amount of work.

Religion: Any

Any religion would be accepted in our Kingdom. If you want to roleplay being in a certain religion I’m all for it. As a player your job is to have the most fun.


There’ll be a standing Military that’ll get arms provided to them, we are after all aiming to be a PvP oriented Kingdom. Navy will be the more focused point but a standing military is needed to protect our lands from would-be invaders, poachers and miscreants who attempt to steal back the loot we rightfully stole!

The Pirate Court:

The Pirate Court will be where the most trusted & honored pirate captains in the land will gather and hold meetings in regards to Kingdom events and how to press on, everything will be voted on. Even though it’ll be a Monarchy to start off with, the goal is to make the Kingdom into a Democratic Country where we’ll elect leaders every 6 months real life time.


All normal laws will be in place, we want a stable Kingdom on the inside. If you commit a crime in another Kingdom and come to ours I will not deport or allow any sheriff's from other Kingdoms to operate within our own. We will protect people within our own Kingdom.


We will be diplomatic if you pay our Kingdom money, we will not raid you. Simple. If you fail to pay us, we will raid you and plunder your ships.

What would happen if I come second?

Well I'll make a pirate Duchy instead, nothing will change. I'll still focus on the things I listed and I'll still order people to steal ships, loot and raid. It'll be a PvP duchy. To bring more money in for the duchy.


OceanusFM Interview

Anthem for the Pirate Kingdom

Send coins to Ithikari if you want to help achieve piracy on OCE

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Hail the Pirate King!

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12/18/2018 12:30:58 AM #3

This is awesome! I hope you get it Ithi!

12/18/2018 2:56:28 PM #4

Updated threat: Added our diplomacy approach and more reasons why to pick me.

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12/18/2018 3:06:21 PM #5

I have a feeling you will easily dominate the sheepdoms

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12/18/2018 3:12:42 PM #6

Awesome. Nothing like a Big Bad to draw them in from the Outback!


12/18/2018 3:15:29 PM #7

Mr. Tassels! I like it...

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12/18/2018 7:37:49 PM #8

Very unique, good luck!

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Added OceanusFM interview to the thread :)

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12/20/2018 6:26:17 AM #10

You got my coins. Good Luck!

12/20/2018 6:36:48 AM #11

Thank you Vandrool, I did receive them :)

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Updated. Added what I'd do if I come second.

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Added an anthem for the Pirate Kingdom!

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12/27/2018 8:04:07 AM #14

I really cannot take your campaign seriously after I look at your avatar..

You would think that someone going for a monarch slot, THE HIGHEST SLOT IN THE GAME, would try to conduct themselves different. Maybe that just isn't the audience you are appealing too idk.

I do know that it appears you have one hell of a sell rate and are likely sitting one a huge pile of coins. My personal dislike for you aside, you very well be the one to beat on the OCE server... Well aside from mister, "backed by two kings" over there.

12/27/2018 12:46:50 PM #15

I do have the best deals and I had a reputation well before this on discord. There's a reason why I put Brand Recognition in as a reason.

Getting people to know I have the best deals and the loot to sell is extra icing as this brings more people to my community who want to actually do Piracy/Banditry etc. My avatar means nothing, if you live life being serious 100% of the time you're ganna end up in a bad way. Live life, love, laugh.

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