Cimoor "democracy" [DE/EN]

Welcome to the landing page of a “democratic“ town.

Cimoor is looking forward to be a town ruled by the council. The council will consist out of five elected citizens and the mayor.

So the power is split into 6 parts.

There will be an election every 3 months to fill the 5 council seats.

They can be earned by active & helpful citizens who are working together with the town community.

coat of arms

We like to give a focus to the following things:

  1. Let's have fun together.

  2. work as a group to reach town goals like:

-*be self sufficient.

  • be productive.

  • be secured.

  • be organized.

  • grow wealthy.

--> the birth of the 5 pillars

The 5 pillars and their elected owners will lead the town.

They create quests for citizens to guarantee an evolving city.

Each council member has their own tasks to organize & focus on (they will create quests to reach their goals).


nutrition get enough food (hunting, gathering) , prepare food (cooking, delivering) ...

production create production chains using local resources to reach high quality

protection recruit and lead guards, build or repair defence, ...

logistic warehouse, traderoute, grow and lend horses, overview of market prices, ...

wealth safe town money, rare items, grow the town, be a bank ...

First of all… you can use any common currency as well. There will be no restrictions.

To be self sufficient is one of our main goals!

So I’m looking forward to implement a reward system for Cimoor citizens to guarantee we will reach this.

All council members try to give quests or tasks to citizens to reach town goals.

These will be rewarded with CiCoins (CimoorCoins)

So as a citizen you can help in a direct way make Cimoor self sufficient, productive, safe, organized & wealthy.

CiCoin System:

These coins can be used to (these are just some thoughts):

  1. Get personal rewards like.

...home upgrade.


…trade them for "ingame currency".

  1. community rewards.

…go for election and become a council member.

…to show that you are a part of the community.

Cimoor will be located as followed:

(names will be confirmed as soon as possible after settlement selection)

Kingdom: 4

County: unknown

Dutchy: unknown

Biome: "Salt Marsh" or "Marsh"

somewhere in between the green circle (look below)

Depending on the game mechanics we will have a school of investigation in Cimooor.

There we will teach detectives and aim to send them away to use their skills to support other towns.

We will go into detail later - Need to wait for more informations.

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12/15/2018 3:35:03 PM #1

Great post mate, I can't wait to see all that Cimoor accomplishes!

12/15/2018 3:52:07 PM #2

Not far from Arkadia then nice.....

1/1/2019 12:19:35 PM #3

Happy New Year to all.

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