Raumarici Institute of Knowledge [EU/Demalion/Lyon/Gladal/Raumarici]

Work in progress


Raumarici; a town run by Mayor Marentzius on the EU server Selene under the Kingdom of Demelion, Duchy of Lyon in the county Gladal, is a place for trade of not only the wealth of goods but also the wealth of knowledge.

The Head

As the Head of the Raumarici Institute of Knowledge, I Dean Seynpool (Nuricraft) am tasked with the gathering of knowledge for the town via our school/university and library. This task will be split into two distinct forms, education and library.


The education buildings, school and university, will house crafting stations alongside the storage of books/recipes for easy access, either you want to quickly try out a newly learnt skill or you need to re-read something. Most common fields used here might be alchemists, scribes and others of the same nature. The more crafting skills like blacksmithing, carpentry and tailoring/leatherworking will be nearby in more appropriate buildings. The school will hold low tier skills/knowledge whilst the university will hold more advanced versions.


The libraries main function will to hold all other forms of knowledge that can be written down, i.e. maps, languages, historical documents and more. Here is also where skills and knowledge that are outside the realm of crafting will be held, linguistics and astronomy, just to name a few.

Dean Seynpool (Nuricraft)

Head of the Raumarici Institute of Knowledge

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