Transferring Bloodline

Any chance when title transfers become a thing, would transferring my bloodline be viable. I locked into Luna and my group decided to go to angelica. Im hoping the will allow it miss out on all the money. Thanks!

12/9/2018 12:07:04 PM #1

I believe when you lock into a server your package is also locked into that server. It was the whole point of server selection so they could see how populated each was and what packages could be offered from the nobility line.

Duchy of Ulvemåne

12/9/2018 7:09:49 PM #2

Transferring titles is for Mayor+

You locked your account to a server for your first pledge, so if you get any titles transferred to you they will be locked to that server still. And if you have any titles to transfer to someone else it’ll be locked to the server they picked for their first package.

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