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Hello Tavern!

What role are you going to play in CoE? Whether it's to be a top teir crafter*, farmer, merchant, warrior, localy/globaly known hero, bounty hunter, hitman, king, queen, emperor, or even a warmonger.

I just realized that everyone needs to fit into a roll ever since I saw and read through this forum post, the one part that got me thinking this is when someone mentioned of player controlled message carriers or something like that.

I'll be playing a role of a blacksmith, what about you?

8/27/2015 10:28:28 PM #1

Great question! +1 from me.

8/27/2015 10:32:14 PM #2

I'd go further and ask not only what but also why you'd like to play that role.

8/27/2015 10:50:35 PM #3

Oh goodness this is my main issue with this game so far. Every time I hear about something new my immediate reaction is "Ohhhh I want to do that!". It is going to be really hard to settle down and find the right thing for me. I will be honest, I think it might involve having more than one character alive at once.

The character idea that I keep coming back to though is a farm girl. Someone who spends her time farming livestock mainly but has some crops as well, mainly because I may have to actually get food to feed those animals. I like the idea of being a support class. In other games I have played the healer class because I like to help. Here however, I think I would be much more helpful if I could provide food to players as they go out on their travels. 

Whether she will do anything else alongside (cooking, fishing, needlework, some crafting, who knows what the possibilities are) we will have to wait and see. It all depends on how many different skills and abilities one character can take on before they are spread too thinly to be successful at any of them. 

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8/27/2015 11:14:44 PM #4

I would be a blacksmith to open up a shop and sell many weapons, either requested, or just for the shelves in stores. I just really like to craft in video games, I tried to blacksmith in Mabinogi but you had to grind all day to get to Rank 1 blacksmithing.

I would also be a blacksmith to create personal weapons, and custom weapons for people who requested them. And maybe be a supplier to kingdoms/guilds/armies for major stacks :^), I love contracts, I hope they'll be good use to me.

8/27/2015 11:17:45 PM #5

I want a good ship, and good shipbuilders are hard to find... so I guess I have no choice but to become one.

I'll also learn cartography, and start major expeditions, treasure hunting, scuba diving... anything the sea has to offer, I'll take.

8/27/2015 11:23:11 PM #6

I'm in the same boat as Victoria. Everytime some new bit of information is released I say, "Oooh I want to do that!". 

My ultimate goal is to be the captain of my own ship! But I know that's going to take a while. And this could open many opportunities, one is to explore the world. That is one of the things I want to do, being an explorer. Also trading and/or merchant. But as I said, getting a ship is going to be hard so I will start that by land.

But I also would like to do some crafting profession, carptentry or even arquitecture or even a farmer. But for these I will probably have a second character XD


8/27/2015 11:26:44 PM #7

Its so hard to choose. There are so many exciting things to do. Would wandering :poop: desturber be a role? I will probably be that for a while.

8/27/2015 11:37:19 PM #8

This depends on if I get a talent. If I get a magical talent I will be a wizard that fights for the Light. If I don't I will be a hero of the Light. I will look into crafting, to see if I have the natural affinity to make arms to defend against the darkness. If I do then that's what I will do, if not then I will be a warrior protecting they innocent from evil. I will also be the leader of the Avatars of Elysia organizing the guilds defenses against the darkness.

8/27/2015 11:48:05 PM #9

Up with Mom and Rhaegys. Every single piece of info makes my eyes shine and pop out lol.

But all in all i usually enjoy support roles. So either i get a talent or not, i might find myself delving into magical/alchemical support crafting, as well as some combat aplications (every adventure team needs their medic with them to heal off injuries and make sure that sore throat doesn't get the best of you!).

Also... I really find interesting the vampire and lich ideas thrown at us so far. And i do like the idea of a support role that actually has a deep dark secret. A character that although cruel, cold and capable of the most terrible actions, has a good soul (if vampire, a good personality only ahahahah) and likes to help. Why this? Because nothing in this world is ever black or white, light or dark, and those that think would be seen as inocent and "untainted" by life's true colours, and actually, the poison of the world, since the light-driven tend to exorcise the darkness and the dark-driven tend to consume the light... And in the middle, characters like mine, who just want balance in life =P

So... Quite curious as to the possibility of being the talented-hiddenvampire-support-neighbourly-friendly-medic in town ahahahah That happens to, on his free time, adventure out with some friends/family, take all the oportunities he can to avoid clashes between light and dark forces that can ruin the beauty of life and death's cycle in Elysia, and of course, as a hobbie enjoy researching about the world's lost lore and secrets =P

8/28/2015 3:03:35 AM #10

I plan to start with a low profile as a ward of a state.

The initial time of accelerated training will be spent on everyday skills like cooking, making a campfire, gathering fruits, herbs and mushrooms, bit of gardening to understand how to grow plants, sewing to be able to create and fix my own clothes.

Then I'll focus on skinning, butchery, animal lore, herb recognition and utilization for basic medical purpose, first aid. 

Survival skills like how to find water, how to tell if plant / animal is poisonous or eatable. How to make safe camp to shelter from elements, how to create a safe campfire. Climbing trees and rocks skills with or without equipment. Cave spelunking, and why to avoid caves with grizzly bears inside :-)
Some basic fishing skills would be a nice addition.

Further I would like to focus more on small arms fighting - daggers and one handed swords. Projectile weapon skills (depending on available weapons in my area be it a bow, a crossbow or a slingshot).
Hunting, so trap making, tracking animals, animal first aid.

Tailoring and Leatherworking at least in terms of fixing clothes or making ad-hoc ones when there is no one to buy them from.

Weapons crafting - at least in terms of fixing a bow / crossbow and being able to produce arrows / bolts on my own. I would love to be able to craft my own weapons, but I do believe that it is better to leave that to dedicated crafters.

Continuing on that, improving my hunting skills to be able to hunt efficiently, and be able to recover most of the useful elements from the animal - like skin, hair, bones, guts, meat.
Improving on my cooking to be able to prepare long lasting food.

After that I will focus on tracking skills to be able to track animals and human in different terrains, concealment skills to be able to remain motionless for hours waiting for the perfect opportunity to hunt or to avoid danger.

And somewhere on the way I would like to pick up cartography skills and then improve them.

The plan is to be a competent hunter / tracker / guide. So I can earn from guiding a caravan, selling pelts and animal trophies, creating some maps.
It will probably take longer than one lifespan to master those skills, but I am willing to take my time.


EDIT: Fingers crossed for a talent related to my character's way of life.
Animal talk would be absolutely fantastic, I can imagine it would be the best thing to get for this character.
Well maybe except for having uncanny knack to magic :-)
Treasure finding would also be nice and in characters profile.

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8/28/2015 10:09:09 AM #11

I would like to be the mysterious witch that lives in the woods. The kind your parents warn you about. It would be great fun to live alone in the wilderness practicing black magic and performing rituals. It looks like magical talents are going to be rare though. That's kind of awesome thematically, but it also means I have a high change of being just a mundane character. Fingers crossed.

8/28/2015 11:50:40 AM #12

Assassin...the one people whisper about...nobody knows where I am or when I strike or what is my agenda...No ones knows exactly how I look...just vague rumors.I may be your guest at a party or the new member of your gardeners...I may be the one serving drinks at your wedding.I am a shadow...I come by many names and faces but my work is the same..swift,precise and silent,because those who cross my path dont live to tell the tale if I am a good duelist or a swift runner.I may add a higher puprose to my cause,serving something resembling the Many-Faced God (GoT). I am anyone and no one..I am the talon in the night.

8/31/2015 8:37:34 PM #13

<p>I would probably first get into alchemy and tailoring, find a farm somewhere with some sheeps, so I can practice the tailoring, best if it's close to a forest so I would be able to search for different herbs and sell them, and most importantly so I'll not die of hunger. Then after a lot of time delving into the different arts of alchemy, I'll hopefully be able to make a pretty enough outfit and take off to a castle, dukedom or the like, and "charm" my way into the nobility, then I'll rise from the ashes as they say ):> I'll imagine the alchemy is going to help a lot here, and if everything goes well I hopefully be the advisor to some king or duke, and possibly take over at some point ):> inset evil laughter If I can take over other peoples estate, I don't know that for sure, anyway I'll hopefully be among the nobility and that is really my goal here :9</p> I ultimately want to acquire a small county for myself.

8/31/2015 9:52:23 PM #14

I have two ideas: the first is being a brewer (TOWL) and get rich!!

The other idea is to start out as a poor ward of a state, become a pickpocket/thief and in later life turn into a powerful vampire. 


WARNING: The above post may contain sarcasm and/or sophisticated satire. Any psychological damage sustained is purely your fault!

8/31/2015 10:07:47 PM #15

A cult leader! Study anicient forbidden magics.

Maybe an adventurer or explorer.

Maybe dabble in a little bit of poltics as well.

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