Contest / Giveaway - Selene Server

Greetings adventurers, gentry and aristocracy!

Now that server selection is upon us and domain selection might be not that far off I’m giving away a “Mayor package” to someone.

Of course there’s a catch to it.

Here are the rules&limitations:

  • You have to have “Selene” (EU-Server) selected as “Main Server” in your account settings. As we currently can’t see your choice anywhere public you would have to proof this by sending in a screenshot from your account management page. ...For example: ...Account Management page - Main Server view
  • As an application send me a forum message about who you want to be in Chronicles of Elyria.
  • If you have any friends that want to join you in your new settlement ask them to support you by sending in a forum message and declaring their support for you. Bonus points if they tell me who they want to be in Chronicles of Elyria too.
  • Only players without package, adventurer package or gentry package can participate.
  • It doesn’t matter if you already declared your allegiance to one of the kings (though I might be a bit partial. I’ll try to keep it as neutral and fair as possible).
  • Once December 1st has arrived I’ll review all applications and depending on the amount of applications might want to do an interview with you. For that I’ll setup a Discord server and reach out to you to agree on a time for the interview. During that interview I would love to hear more about you and your plans in Chronicles of Elyria.

Let the contest begin!

Duke of Dugh Kahldur

11/21/2018 8:13:12 PM #1

A great idea! I wish all the best to the participants of this contest and thank you for your generosity.

May the best mayor win!

11/21/2018 8:17:00 PM #2

Brilliant! Good luck, Franstein and good luck to all contestants.

Count Lofi of Skaaney, friend code 8766AA

11/21/2018 8:18:50 PM #3

Good luck everyone

11/21/2018 8:47:04 PM #4

Best of luck to everyone joining!

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Friendcode: 205FC9

11/22/2018 7:38:10 AM #5

Very nice idea, good luck to the participants !

11/22/2018 11:16:47 AM #6

Hi Franstein,

I literally jumped the opportunity once I read the post on the Discord channel! XD

Below you can see the server I selected:

  • Who I want to be in CoE

At first I was intrigued to only purchase the base package for the game. But I settled for the Bloodline Package, for the sake of getting the the custom surname and coat of arms. I am still interested in just playing the game from the ground up.

While looking for kingdoms to join, my application always included a part where I stated that I do want to build a reputation but enjoy the game for what it is. With this new way of playing, power is something of little value if you do not grasp people (players) and what they want to achieve in CoE. That means, you can take the best package and still suck at governing a settlement or even a kingdom. Hence why I'd like make sure I can grow as a leader locally first.

My first priority in CoE is to discover what it means to be a citizen. From there I'd like to discover every niche (such as building and maintaining a community and settlement. My greatest aspiration is to make a sustainable contribution to the environment (I am an ecologist in real life). This includes managing the environment so that a settlement, region or even kingdom can prosper. I don't want a thank you for that. The thrill is knowing that I can make it work.

You can play any RPG and become a king in a week. But with CoE it is an entirely new ball game. I aim to grow in reputation day by day and not be a tyrant about it. I'd like to build meaningful relationships with the citizens of Elyria. This ties in with the aspect of starting at the bottom and climbing the ladder.

Oh, did I mention want to be Kypiq :D (I'll be waiting for the memes)

I love research and developing infrastructure. I like to see my ideas come to life and see people prosper. I really want to apply that in CoE. I am a member of the Nirath community and discord tag is Cyrrus#0234.

That is the short of it. Thank you for the opportunity :P

The sad reality is that my friends are in a pinch to buy a package. I have a few friends who will join on the release of the game.

[26/11/18] I felt like I needed to up my game so typed an excerpt of a short story to add to my application. You can read it by clicking on the link below.

Alt text - Tryggr

11/22/2018 12:43:28 PM #7

Hello Franstein

I would like to thank you for the offer and chance one of us to get a "Mayor Package"

My Current pledge:

My character:

When he was a baby his parents died or disappear (he doesn't know as he was a baby) but Gods decided to give him a second chance and "ALL MOTHER" saved him.A Hrothi strong female who's taking care not only her blood-born children but she is taking care of those weak unprotected wards.

At the age of 15 "my character" realize that he is different than his "ALL MOTHER" and he learns the truth.He is adopted he is Brudvir not Hrothi like his savor.It's that moment that he swears an oath to protect and do his "ALL MOTHER" will for ever.

At the age of 24 he has already done many "ALL MOTHER" tasks in order to protect Duchies borders and it's time for his promotion."ALL MOTHER" asks him to will lead a small group of Hunter-Assassins in order to patrol-protect-gather intel at the Duchy area and even further.His dream is to create a settlement at the far end of the Duchy and lead his small force in order to protect and do "ALL MOTHER" Will .

PS: "ALL MOTHER" is a player.We are a group of people who run already a story with "ALL MOTHER"Each of us has his own unique part.

11/22/2018 3:34:52 PM #8

Great idea, and good luck to anyone that is entering the contest!

11/22/2018 9:37:06 PM #9

Good luck everyone!

11/22/2018 11:00:47 PM #10

Hello Franstein Proof of my main server:

My current plan is to play a mercenary or a guard of a duke or some other noble since I have bloodline pledge and don't really have much to work with. Because I am going to play character which is fighting oriented I would prefer not to play as kypiq. However if I get mayor pledge that would change since a lot of other doors would suddenly be open for me.

I have joined kingdom of Nirath and will most likely play in Asebe'ia Thunar if everything stays the same because Shek agreed to let me be guard there. I am also interested in being a doctor or something of that sort since that is what I am studying in real life but that doesn't sound as exiting as fighting with swords which I am also doing in real life since I train fencing. I thought that being mayor and having land and people which depend on you was something I cant do because I didn't want to spend that much money on CoE. I cant tell what exactly I would do if I got mayor pledge but I can tell you that a lot of negotiations would start immediately with every duke in Nirath.

My discord username is: DarthNox#3021 call me if you decide that I am worthy to go to the second stage of the contest.

Good luck to all participants.

11/23/2018 2:27:17 AM #11

love seeing these simple inspired approach to involve more to the game. Sadly not on Selene but good luck none the less!

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11/23/2018 10:44:04 AM #12

The All Mother sees all and has made a forum account to support one of her childrens advancement in society to see the great plan advance

11/25/2018 9:22:18 PM #13

I declare my support to DarthNox.

I have bloodline pledge and I plan to play as a guard, mercenary or an adventurer. Me and DarthNox are brothers and we planned to play together as companions. We would protect nobles together and go on adventures. However if he gets mayor that would change and I would probably become his mercenary or guard captain or something of that sort. We will figure everything out after the contest is over.

11/26/2018 4:30:41 PM #14

I may be very interested by this mayor package, but just to be sure, is it already affiliated to a Kingdom or will we be free to choose where we want to settle ?

Barony of Kern’s gate

11/28/2018 12:07:05 PM #15

Current Pledge:

If I was have a mayor pledge, I would go back to a project I had some time ago for a semi-nomadic clan, resembling (but not limited to) the tribes from Pontic-Caspian steppe as seen during V-VII century AC here on Earth. The clan will roam the rich grasslands, most suitable for the warfare and commercial approach that would be followed (and because I’m already pledged to Al’Khezam :) So where comes the mayor pledge in this? In the world of CoE it would be best if the clan has its own town to be used for a base as opposed to be constantly on the move. Members will be able to have properties, place for rest and social interactions, commerce and production, so that we can incorporate bigger part of game mechanics, while also providing more diverse gameplay (if you’re tired of the saddle why not take a rest for a few months, get involved in something different). It’s important to note that the clan will not be all about PVP and warfare. Horsemanship and light cavalry will be the central pillar of the clan as well as all related professions, skills, and activities. The clan would be like a ruling “family” of the town, with the clan leader (tempted to use the title “khan”) being a mayor. I would also encourage, and take part myself, of any RP opportunities that may come up, be it with other organisations, settlements, etc.


Hit and run tactics, harassing the enemy, surprising attacks, ambushes, operating behind the enemy lines, chasing a retreat, reconnaissance, border patrols, bounty hunting, caravan escorting, all these would be on the table as long as the game mechanics allow it. Discipline will be highly valued, and considered as a must-have to grow in ranks. While the clan will often act on mercenary basis most of the time, for each contract the cause behind it would be taken into consideration to avoid any inconsistency with the general policy of the kingdom/duchy.


Horse breeding will play very important role in all aspects of the clan, and economy will make no exception with the aim to take full advantage of the grasslands. In addition to this, any kind of animal husbandry will be highly regarded. I have an idea for seasonal movements with commercial goal. For example, to sell horses on a place where the demand would make sense. This may result in long and adventurous trips, building connections and trade routes with more distant places. Cartographers and blacksmiths will be more than welcome in the clan town, gladly provided with a place to work (and tax exemptions if possible) in case they can’t afford one. Hunting and leatherworking will be also exploited, if grasslands provide option for this. I hope that the constant movement at longer distances by clan members can result in channeling goods to the town (maybe some more rare items), helping to develop it as a decent marketplace. And of course, the income from mercenary contracts will pour fresh finances in the town pushing it to prosperity.


As mentioned earlier the clan will act as the ruling “family” of the town. However, if someone wants to make a living in the town, being a member of the clan wouldn’t be mandatory. The fundamentals of the clan will have its roots in the Neran tribe, however there would be no racial restrictions as the clan would be much more about our way of life as opposite to being part of specific tribe. The internal hierarchy will be strict and centralized, with the clan leader having the ultimate authority and final word in all decisions, as well as the ability to delegate responsibilities and privileges to certain members. The clan leader position will be inherited. However, a general assembly of all clan members can make a decision to overthrow the leader, or in case no heirs are presented after the death of the clan leader. At least in the start, the clan leader will also be a mayor of the town. My idea is that the core members will be able to own enough parcels in order to have the ultimate say so that the mayor is always someone from the clan.

So that’s it in a few broad strokes. In best case scenario I hope to find a few more people interested in this idea (would be best if they are also into RP), so they can help me to form the core of the clan, and then we can build further. I’ve never made a forum post on this, since my opinion was that it wouldn’t be possible without mayor pledge, and wasn’t actually planning to upgrade, but if an opportunity comes up…this would certainly be my CoE project :)

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