Bardic Adventurer's Academy
Kingdom: Alesia
Duchy: Eldask
County: Apostevend
Count: Grim

Bardic Adventure's Academy of Apostevend

From contract writing, music to cartography, we aspire to be among the best bards in the land. We will have access to some of most prestigious minds of elyria. This is a stepping stone for many people within the kingdom. The goal of the academy is to foster a good community for those that would like to be creative in their pursuits for both cash and adventure.

The ultimate thing that bards have is information. You will be able to trade your information, and share your music and whatever else you learn in your lifetime of travels. There are people and places to be seen, things to write about, and knowledge to share. If you like the idea of sharing information among like minded folk. The brokerage of information, and knowledge of all things bardic in nature

The ultimate thing to do as a bard, is have a reason to adventure, a reason to hangout, or a purpose of gaining sought after gossip. We aim to game the gossip system, We strive to find what’s hidden from view. We hope to know what goes on throughout Elyria. We want anyone that is interested in bardic activities of any kind that interests them to come by and see what we offer.

The Library

For the security of the library, anyone who enters must have a library card, to obtain the library card you must be an apprentice or you can buy it for a fee. Once able to come inside, you are not to leave with any books, legends, or artifacts that may be on display inside the library. Forbidden books, if there is ever such a thing. Will be behind a gate for only those that are among leadership or at master rank within the guild are able to get to. You may pay for a service here too, for a master or leader to show you the “forbidden” books.

The Adventurer’s Hang-out; A division of the bardic adventures academy

For those that are all about adventure, and want to have a reason why they are wondering in the wild. There will be a place to take on quests and get paid. Some quests are deliveries. Some quests are killing certain hostile wildlife. Some are acquisition quests of certain items. Last but not least bounties on certain criminals or special interest persons.

The Academy's deen or of the guild are there to help you understand the quest’s nature and what they need you to do. If they feel you are capable of taking on a quest and able to fill the prerequisite for the preparation of the quest. You’ll be able to take on the quest and receive the contract to sign and then complete.

If it is a hunting contract for hostile animals, that will serve as your temporary permit to hunt that specific species of animal.

The services the guild and academy offers.

Quests for adventurer’s to take. Safe storage of contracts that you must protect. If you feel that your home isn’t safe enough. Library access for lore and books the community creates or finds. A place to network your information, and figure out where that information is valuable. Blank contracts, Child Contracts, Marriage contracts, and Trade contracts are for sale. Maps, and treasure maps will be for sale Paper, and other tools that make a bard successful is for sale.

The reason for the cooperative between public and private entities

The folks at tactical warriors online and the count of Apostevend are working together to make this academy and adventurer’s guild work is because we both have very similar vision and know that both the bardic arts and adventurers have more things in common than not, many of the skills a student gains in the academy is also useful for all types of information brokerage, map making, contract writing and surveying. The Adventurer’s guild that they will run will need those assets from the students, and the community needs the services of the guild to keep those people that want to play for a few hours and call it a night and don’t have a desire to craft things and still make a living and have a place called home.

Within the adventurer’s hangout will be cheap studio apartment residence for the people that are using the services of the adventurer’s guild. Some quests even give lodging upon acceptance for a more drawn out quest that may need more than one visit or for more reliable deliveries if you choose to accept that quest.

How to get into Bardic Adventure's Academy of Apostevend.

Anyone that is interested in Bardic activities should want to come in and see what is going on. People that are interested in joining the Academy will talk to the leader or recruiter. They will then assign a master.

You will first start out as a recruit. You will then have to prove yourself. You will be tasked by a master tier member a task that is inline with what you are trying to get out of the bardic tree. Sign a contract after the task is complete. To swear loyalty to the Bardic Adventures Academy of Apostevend.

To become a master, you have to prove you are capable of presenting the guild leader with your “Master Work”. They will analyze and figure out if you pass or fail. If you do fail you can attempt again at a later date no sooner than a week.


  • Recruit
  • Apprentice
  • Master
  • Grand master of given branch.

If interested, join the Discord here.. Or PM me on the forums.

If Interested in the Adventurers Guild of Apostevend join the Discord here..

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