[Sticky] Official Map of the Luna Server

[WIP] Stylized Map

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Map with 5km grid squares, courtesy of Bombastus!

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11/22/2018 6:54:03 AM #1

Here is the map with 5km grid squares:

12/1/2018 6:09:49 AM #2

the landmass a mann kissing the ocean.


12/19/2018 2:40:18 AM #3

Thanks Hellmoon!

12/20/2018 8:41:19 PM #4

Thank you I wonder if we plan on an update for each kingdom/duchy after land selection

1/5/2019 1:41:51 PM #5

I just realized the top part of the map looks like a cat's head. How fitting for a MEOW.

Someone should draw it :)

4/23/2019 11:49:59 PM #6

I'm a Baron/Mayor open to recruitment from a King/Queen. ~C. Silvrhand, Neran

"Buy from Silvrhand's Stave & Hoop, the best barrels in Vornair! Located in Silvrwood, Falls Oak County, Fenixvale."

7/19/2019 7:43:58 PM #7

Stylized map added!

7/19/2019 9:54:08 PM #8

Who's establishing in the ominous land of darkness with the oddly M-shaped dead zone in it?

7/19/2019 11:15:25 PM #9

Might be worth using this one in the OP: Luna without the black bar

  • Snipehunter
7/20/2019 8:52:34 PM #10

Anyone have a post of the new map with Duchy borders? Very interested if there is one.