[Hrothi] Duchy of Sarnur

Welcome to the Duchy of Sarnur

Welcome to the shield of virtue


The big plan is to get under one of the beautiful snowy mountains and set up a forge without equal. to do this i will spend time and effort (and very probably a lot more money) to make this true but to have a use for this forge i need smiths and miners and the people to support them. so if you are interested to play as a hrothi or want to work on top of the big mountains come visit me at my discord.

For the lore

The Duchy

The Duchy of Sarnur is heavily inspired by the Lord of the Rings' Dwarvish society, and is meant for every Hrothi player looking to find a community of like-minded players with the intent of proving that Hrothi are the best.We will be settling in Demalion, as that is the only area with Hrothi biomes. We will be focusing mainly on industry, and as we have a starting advantage on working with stone we will also be building fortresses within the duchy and on our borders with neighbouring kingdoms. If you to climb in rank to control a county or a town you are welcome to try and i wont stop it as long as it goes peacefully and if u have good or interesting plans i might even help you and award u a position

Duchy’s Structure

The duchy will of course be led by me as a duke but i know i will not be able to do everything alone, so i will be leaning on the competent people of the duchy for a lot of things of course the counts and mayors are allowed to express ideas and their thoughts but i will reward competence above the rank u have in nobility so the structure will be revealed in time when exceptional people are being discovered

the current counties and mayors:

  • Omaur Khazat in the county of Khazad Melnun (the capital of the duchy of Sarnur holding the biggest forge ever created)
  • Staghorn in the county of (TBD) (place for all those whose souls wander and hometown of the Wandering Souls)

The Infrastructure

As a Duke it is my task to make sure there is a basic infrastructure connecting the important towns within the duchy and to connect the duchy with the rest of the kingdom we will (if possible) be using underground tunnels dug through the mountains this will allow a safer and quicker way to travel, than over the mountain where we will be exposed to the elements. This will also mean that bandits will be having fewer targets to attack so the chances of them coming and settling will also be reduced

The Army

as a duchy we are of course supposed to send aid to the empire when they need us and we need to secure our own lands for the army we will be relying on the barons who will be supported more with gear and provisions due to the fact that we will be far from the border meaning that basic defenses are good enough to defend against the basic bandits while at the same time there will be a group of architects/builders visiting towns and creating forts at choke points to for one train their own building skills and for two still give us a good defendable piece of land to defend the people against the bandits and griefers high up in the mountains, an elite unit of hunters will take care of this task with extreme efficiency and they will (if they are around) be able to save any person being lost in the wild to survive and make sure they can reach the closest town.

The current military groups in the duchy are

  • The Steel Wall (a heavily armoured hrothi unit specialized in defending and my bodyguards)
  • Wandering Souls (Mercenary army From the Northern Mountains)
  • Sarnur Military (main military falling directly under the dukes control)

About the Duke

I have backed the game back when it was in KS when i backed as a lowly bloodline where i found a fun community where my only wish was to be a smith. then after a while i wanted more instead of just a forge i wanted a town around that forge so i got a mayor title. Then a while later i noticed that none of the current dukes wanted to play hrothi so as i had set my mind on playing them on an impulse i bought the duchy package. now i am the first and for now only pc duke. In other games i have always (where possible) played a dwarf and focused for a big part on crafting (lotro at level 40 i could make lvl 120 weapons as obvious example) this is something i will also be bringing in the game so when i am not busy with dukale tasks u will probably be able to find me or my OPC in the forge or down in the mines.

lore coming soon

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I am old. The mountain has been my home for all these years, and she will also be my tomb. For generations, we have spent our efforts rebuilding, regaining our former strength. But, being the shield has its price. My daughter rebels against me. When I am gone, she will no doubt contact the outside world, to spite me.

The creation of these halls is shrouded in myths and legends. However, what we do know for certain, is that when the Fracture happened our ancestors dug in. They built halls and tunnels with the stones and ores they found while digging out their new homes. They created their own tools and weapons, and to do all this they created the Great Forges. Sadly, the Forges have fallen into a state of disrepair over these ages past… But our efforts towards reconstruction are paying off, slowly but surely restoring them until they regain their ancient glory. And then, we will make them into something even greater.

My Daughter, before I hand over the reigns of power, it is important that you know what has happened outside of our walls. Don't think your father did not keet up to date with the goings-on in the world. There was been word of a great revolution, but all the insurgents are said to have mysteriously perished in an incredible fire. However, some of the children of these revolutionaries escaped, and are being kept safe until they are old enough to take on their parents’ fight. Do not step into these events openly--Work from the shadows, until a victor emerges! And then, reveal yourself. My daughter, step into the outside world and declare our allegiance to the true King above the Earth!

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some nice poetry from our in house writer

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Congrate to your Duchy Firesmith 😉

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Congratulations my friend, may your Duchy rise higher than Dragons!

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May the Mountain be mindful of your Duchy and bring it to true Greatness.

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alright a bit of lore has been added where the previous duke talks to his daughter

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added some poetry from out in house writer

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well as DSS is coming closer i think its important to point out that we are still recruiting and everyone is welcome

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good luck with getting your Duchy name. It might send a smile in my face to see some regions from lotro, but I think, SbS stated that they dont want other fantasy worlds names in Elyria... However, as Sarnur isn't one of the main focus areas in lotr, it may still work. And I feel, you wont get that "khazat ai-menu" in your sigil ingame.

Always nice to see some Dwarf people, I may visit you one day ingame...

Friend Code: 30EF47

7/9/2019 11:50:13 AM #10

sorry for the late answer but with DSS still not happening im not checking very activly.

while i might not get the name sarnur i will very likely get the name throiugh in neo-khuzdul. also its always nice to have a fun battle cry isnt it with a bit of luck i can get it on the COA.

also feel free to poke your head around the corner on discord or once in game all hrothi are welcome