The votes are in! Map Voting is Over and the Winners are...

Greetings Elyrians!

Map voting is finally over and, if you’re anything like me, you spent the weekend wondering which maps came out on top for each of the game’s four servers. Well rest easy my friends, the wait is finally over!

In round one, you whittled us down from 20 unique maps to 5 potential candidates for each server. Leading us to round two, where those 5 maps for each server were put to the vote.

On Angelica, the contenders were Map G, Map H, Map I, Map K, and Map S

On Luna, maps A , J, N, R, and T duked it out for the title slot

On Selene it was all about maps B, C, L, P, and Q

And of course, round two saw the introduction of not 5, but 8, island chain maps: Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6, Map 7, and Map 8

In round two, there were actually 23 total maps to consider across the 4 servers. That’s more than in round one! But, in the end, there could be only one winner on each server. So, from a horde 23 we come down to 4 winners and the sow the seeds of four distinct versions of Elyria.

So without further ado, the winners are:

On Angelica (NA-W), Map I will now be your starting continent!

On Luna (NA-E), it was Map N that took home the prize!

Meanwhile, the citizens of Selene (EU) will now call Map B home!

And, finally, for Oceanus (OCE) it was Map 7 that came out on top!

Congratulations Elyrians! Your selection of the starting continent maps for each server marks a bit of a milestone in the creation of games like this. In the past, players have always been forced to accept whatever map was given to them, but with map voting now finalized, you represent the first community of an online game to decide every server’s map for an online world!

And now that you’ve made history and you're done poring over the annotated versions of these maps looking for every glimmer of data, why not take a moment to admire them without all those notes and annotations:

Map I, Map N, Map B, and Map 7, are all available for your perusal.

And while you’re at it, today marks the start of server selection – Now that you know which maps represent your world, why not take a moment to lock in your server choice now?!

Just to be clear, what we're saying here is:

Server Selection is now live!

  • Snipehunter
11/19/2018 10:35:16 PM #1

All Hail Morbis!

11/19/2018 10:44:04 PM #2


11/19/2018 10:45:02 PM #3

oof Map

11/19/2018 10:46:04 PM #4

Woot. We have a home.

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11/19/2018 10:46:16 PM #5

"I" am very pleased with these results :-)

May Melon be with you.

11/19/2018 10:46:23 PM #6

Awesome wins! We really did pick the best maps! Haha!

11/19/2018 10:46:45 PM #7

I think I can see my house from here...

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11/19/2018 10:47:08 PM #8

Morbis actually did it... For the glory of MorBis!

age quod agis

11/19/2018 10:47:30 PM #9

YAY! Map 7! :3

11/19/2018 10:50:00 PM #10

I'd have preferred any of the US-maps, but cant change the results^^

Can you tell us how close it was in round 2? Not that I think it was anywere close, I'd just like to see it.

And will we get much more detailed maps soon? Like the level of detail to know where settlements are and which tribes live in those settlements? And which type of settlement a settlement is? Like if its a hrothi settlement, is it surface settlement or not might have an influence, if people want to settle there... Or will those information only be available at settlement selection and we'll have to wait till then?

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11/19/2018 10:51:09 PM #11


11/19/2018 10:56:16 PM #12

Server selection?! Now that is a treat!!!

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11/19/2018 11:09:35 PM #13

Rest in peace map H and your beautiful inland sea.

11/19/2018 11:27:28 PM #14

Hail map 7

11/19/2018 11:34:09 PM #15

Let's go!