Separation of Tribes

Is it possible to play with your friends, even if they are apart of a different tribe. Like could there be a way that we could meet up or should we just all be one tribe and live in a town or share family lines with each other. Any help would be much appreciated!

Rocky Flameo

11/16/2018 10:11:18 PM #1

Most places will have minority tribes within the majority tribes. Nobility will be forced to pick families within the majority tribe though.

Beyond this it's entirely possible to travel and move from one location to another. Many plan to do this as the expertise of foreign tribes will be sought after in other locations. However, it must be said that this could prove to be a pretty harsh and long journey (it can take you real life days to go the entire way from the north to the south), especially since the road infrastructure won't be the greatest in the beginning.

And even if your OPC might be able to do some of the traveling while you're offline, you will probably have to be extra careful that the provisions remains stocked up along the way. Regional maps that cover larger areas of land will probably also be in limited supply in the beginning (assuming you're able to afford it at all).

Wards of the state might not be tribe or location bound though, so that might be a valid way of starting out with a specific tribe near a friend. Though a ward of the state is probably going to be more limited in regards to skills and knowledges. i.e. A Hrothi ward probably won't start out with basic knowledge and skill in Hrothi underground engineering or metallurgy like a Hrothi born into a NPC family with specifically that kinda expertise.

11/16/2018 10:17:03 PM #2

Other viable options are starting as a Ward of the state in the area that your friends are in. Wards of the state are completely customizable characters that start off as orphans instead of joining a family, for better or worse.

During a pre-launch game phase called Kingdoms of Elyria, it will also be possible to move some families from one biome to another, so if you and your friends all move them to the same biome you could theoretically meet up at launch.

11/16/2018 10:37:47 PM #3

There are also hostile tribes like the Weard and Toresk if you bring them together the NPC's could be evil on you. I do not know how evil they will be.

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