Pioneer Brewing Guild

Always had a particular taste for alcohol and had a feeling you could do better? Can you drink alcoholic beverages at any point in the day and feel refreshed? Has your addiction become so severe you constantly need to be near a source of alcohol? Say no more!!

This is the esteemed Pioneer Brewing Guild! We are located in the city of Dâhl Gorreth, County of Skelanos, Duchy of Redshore, Kingdom of Demalion. We make our home in the tundra, a harsh enviroment that will result in some interesting ingredients to add to our recipes. We will be in possession of a farming estate in the Alpine Forest Biome, where we shall have Cardinal Bees and a variety of plants (including barley) to produce mead from the honey, Whiskey from the barley and experiment with the different plants. We have a wine distiller and grapes at our disposal, and we shall be producing our own strain of grapes in our vinyards.

Experimentation coming from members is very much welcomed here! We will have a basic set of recipes at game launch and from there on out we will aim to produce some of the most unique, tasteful and beneficial beverages the North has seen!

Should you be interested in joining, feel free to drop me a message or drop by in the Discord!

Discord Dâhl Gorreth:

Discord Skelanos:

Friend Code: B6D2D4

6/17/2019 3:45:00 PM #1

Recruiting members still! We'll be settling in Demalion

Friend Code: B6D2D4

9/29/2019 1:17:22 PM #2

Our Page has been updated!

Friend Code: B6D2D4