Grand County: Stenhus

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County of Stenhus

Capital City: Blackridge

Count: Tarvald HammerBull

Contact: Tarvald HammerBull#8206

Duchy: Drakeolm

Kingdom: Blackheart

Server: NA-W

Size: 6 Counties

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The County of Stenhus, is a Multi-County within the greater HammerBull Dominion (Confederacy) of Counties (5x Counties). The County boasts a community many years in the making, with Leadership having 30+ years of experience In Major Guild Leading. Stenhus itself is a heavy industries, military based county built around a Meritocracy governance within game mechanics and a strong familial community. Built as Guilds of old, where PvE|PvP both rely on eachother to succeed and a deep understanding of Economics|Infrastructure and their incredible importance within the realm of CoE.

Primary Attributes:

  • Heavy Industries
  • Military
  • Economics
  • Infrastructure
  • Meritocracy (Within Game Mechanics)
  • Dominion (7x Counties)
  • Large Organization
  • Community Familial focused

Primary Tradeskill Traits:

  • Mining
  • Blacksmithing
  • Architectural
  • Raw resource
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Military related matters.


Stenhus is situated within the Duchy of Drakeolm, and the Shrub-Steppe of Kingdom Blackheart, on North American West. Boasting a strong Neran population, paired with border To’resk/Waerd communities. Shrub-Steppe biome is rather mountainous so Hrothi(Dwarf) players can expect migration and tribe availability.

Seeking Players:

  • Gentry
  • Mayors
  • Craftsmen, Gatherers
  • PvP (All)
  • Leaders
  • Guilds

HammerBull Dominion: Recruitment Video

My flesh, my blood. Give rise to that which you shall call home. In this great time of sacrifice, let courage still fear, let your will be iron, let your name be shouted in glorious triumph. Your life my brothers and sisters for the glory of the Dominion.

In time I have watched you grow, seen your accomplishments, followed your duties and witnessed all that you have given in the name of our beautiful Dominion. It is my pride and joy to see you grow, for in our great hour of need you have carried us. Afforded the privilege that I lead you, that you teach me.

Forged in flame, collected by experience, our Dominion has risen. Weathered the storm. Today we stand, proud, entrenched in our beliefs. Steadfast against all odds. Today we do what no community but our Dominion can set out to do. We, my brothers and sisters stand today united, more than ever ready. We go into this with both eyes open, on our destined path.

The Capital of the HammerBull Dominion.

Currently Domain lead by Count Tarvald HammerBull, Stenhus is nestled within the Drakeolm heartlands, supported on its flanks by brother Dominion counties Veikryss and Vikingehaven. County focus is Industrial Military, with a core belief in Meritocracy, and Classic Guild leadership. Infrastructure/Settlements/Leadership throughout the County are set up in meticulously planned manner, that community over individual is emphasized as a core element.

Stenhus is the current Capital of the HammerBull Dominion, with a large assortment of settlements, tribes, skills, and trades. Insuring a rich and diverse culture to provide settlers with a plethora of options to be widely successful in individual objectives that they may give back to the greater Dominion.

Settlers – Adventurers

You will find that Stenhus provides ample opportunity for trade and excitement. As the community relies on Meritocracy, deeds and individual accomplishments are highly rewarded, including upper movement potential. Nurturing this desire for individual growth propels the greater community to new heights as players seek to accomplish goals that benefit their own merit but the goals of their immediate community, insuring that the individual is providing their skills/knowledge back towards the growth of the County

Mayors – Barons

Exciting opportunities await. Mayors and Barons looking to settle in Stenhus, will not only find a plethora of available settlers at their recruiting possibility, they will find dedicated leadership with a value in infrastructure with an understanding that the Environment and Player go hand in hand. Three+ years in the making, Stenhus prides itself as being supported by one of the largest current Dominion in CoE, with a County discord of 200+, 5 Counties, and over 15 Settlements! Mayors and Barons looking to locate themselves in Stenhus will have trade/crafting options available to them at a rate that can and will compete at Duchy levels of activity, opening new opportunities that would not be readily available in most communities. Lastly, Mayors and Barons will be part of a Military focused Dominion, set apart by 20+ years of Guild leading and MMORPG experience, Stenhus leadership has prided itself in its own PvP Legion maintenance/development. Mayors can expect their settlements to be protected, and Barons can expect to have previously trained and committed PvP oriented Players to settle in their names, bolstering their already wonderful communities.


Some of our most organized, and dedicated members have come from previously maintained organizations. Priding themselves as well maintained groups looking for an above the bar experience. Stenhus continues to provide such levels of opportunities for our guilds both prebuilt and homegrown. Collectively Stenhus values teamwork, and the brotherly bond of comradery above all else. Encouraging our guilds to dig ever deeper, slay something even larger, or tame that which cannot be tamed, but as a true team. Providing infrastructure that not only sets our settlements and settlers up for success, but our Guilds as well, maintaining ease of movement and communication are highly essential for any Guild wishing to log in, and accomplish their goals for the day. Applying real world mapping application/city planning, Stenhus will again utilize its player experience to maintain an exemplary system to support daily activity of tasks and recruiting for all of our guilds.

It is our core belief that the PvP player equally relies on that of the PvE player. Many hands move the machine, this focus has allowed our County to maintain a growing/diverse group of settlers that have chosen many paths to undertake during their time with us. Above we note, Raw resources, Military goods, Animal husbandry, and Industrial farming. These are all however, varying and wide-open tracks of economic opportunity.

As with any heavily industrialized and militant focused County, Stenhus will be aiming to provide our settlers with primary opportunities in Mining, Blacksmithing, Gem-Cutting, Architecture/Infrastructure development, and defensive adaptations. Skills that not only give to our PvE players, but provide opportunity, safety, and financial support to our more PvP focused members. Insuring a mutually beneficial product is being delivered for our team. Continuing the mutually beneficial, it is believed that an army only marches as far as it’s stomach. The necessities of Agriculture, Irrigation, Rotation, Alchemy, Foresting, Foraging, and Taming will all be essential to the Militant and people of Stenhus.

Of course, we must keep our Economical section short, as we understand more grounded mechanics, trades, crafts, and skills we will surely adapt and elaborate on such mechanics. As with any profession, we do what we must not for our individual gain, but for that of our Dominion.


As a time-honored trade throughout the Medieval world, a Blacksmith is well renown throughout their community. In Stenhus this remains as true, as our Blacksmiths are those that forge not only our communities, the very equipment we will be utilizing in our day to day excursions, as well as the brave men and women that give their time to defend us. A Blacksmith is more than a trade, it is a truly time honored tradition, situated in the heartlands of Drakeolm we are proud to boast plentiful mining/smithing communities ready to accept/teach those that are in a position to forge greater works.

Sustainable Raw Resource Extraction:

As Stenhus aims to grow, we will require plentiful supplies. This begins with Raw resource extraction, Iron, Lumber, Stone, Herbs, Meats, Skins and more. It is important that we maintain said materials in a way that is lucrative to our County, as well as sustainable that we provide continuous support and health to our growing County. This will greatly be achieved through mutually beneficial laws the protect against over hunting, poor farming technique, deforestation, and other situations that may arise throughout our Domain.

Animal Husbandry:

The pride of and Shrub-Steppe community is that child that masters their first mount, Stenhus continues this tradition but asks that we go a step further. Encouraging the well natured caregiving of farming/utility fauna, as well as the taming of militant related fauna. An adept skill in Animal Husbandry allows our County to do the work of many, with the few, fully optimizing our trade/agricultural gains. Promoting such a trade also allows our settlers to understand the harsh animals that roam the Shrub-Steppe, encouraging the development of skills in other areas that would be beneficial to our community.

Military Goods:

Long standing tradition of Military, and the goods required for maintenance of a Militant force has always been present at the very center of HammerBull philosophy. Stenhus aims to be a major proprietor of Military related goods, from bags, stocks, sheaths, arrows, powder, to swords, shields, full armors and most military related goods in between. Effectively sustainable without Community size of population, and territory.

Misc Trades:

Trades/Skills are an incredibly valuable component to any operation. No skill is valued less than another, the only factors involved, that it be sustainable, that it provides benefit, and that it be done well. If you do not in fact see your skills listed in the Primary economical trades of Stenhus, have no fear. There is absolutely a need for your diversity and boasting over 15 Settlements in the HammerBull Dominion you can be rest assured that your abilities will be welcomed with open arms, as we build a better community with your support.


We have very little information on the implementation of taxation, however Stenhus is prepared to sit down and meticulously plan out its taxation approach as our Domain situation adapts to the growing concerns and needs of our community. Leadership educated in Business Economics, Accounting, and Team Management is ready to provide a calculated approach to our Taxation. Stenhus does pride itself in its infrastructure, trade, and military goods, and thus Taxes may perhaps be higher than the standard. Rest assured however, our approach is fully there to promote our infrastructure, defenses, and trade skill related buildings. We want to provide you with the ample opportunities to be highly successful in our environment.

Stenhus, is a Dominion within the realm of the Kingdom of Blackheart, and Duchy Drakeolm; thus is subject to the laws and regulations of each. In addition, Stenhus effectively utilizes classic Guild leadership that blends in game Mechanics with Guild Ordos. Regulation and rule of law will be strictly enforced, with proper infrastructure provided. As follows are notes regarding specific elements.

Land owners:

Large Land-owning entities are free to operate maintenance/mineral rights as they so choose within their lands and are bound to the general rule of law set by the Kingdom of Blackheart, unless however their land covers a vital area that is deemed necessary for the survival of the community and surrounding lands. At which point land owners will enter discussions with local Count/Paragon related officials to broker deals that are mutually beneficial.


Mayors are free to internally run their Settlements as they so choose, this includes trading, setting up council, standard business, and land management. Mayors should still expect taxes and potential military tithes in great circumstance. While Mayors may govern themselves internally, rule of Kingdom/Drakeolm/Dominion law is still enforced for major occurrence such as Murder, or breach of regulation set forth for the greater County area.


Barons are mechanically bound to the Duke}Duchess of the residing Duchy, however in order to become a Baron within HammerBull Dominion territory, a Baron must be jointly approved by the Duke/Count, as well as maintain an active schedule with the ability/skill set the promotes problem solving, and complete HB paragon qualities. Barons are free to maintain and build forces, respond to aid, and expected to answer to the Duke of Drakeolm when called. Barons must hold it essential that the HammerBull Dominion is their home, and their people. Your Barony is there to protect the Duchy and the HammerBull Dominion. Barons are expected to answer to the operational Military command during times of great need.

As previously stated, Stenhus is part of the greater HammerBull Dominion, and effectively utilizes classic Guild leadership alongside that of in game mechanics. HammerBull Dominion functions as a Meritocracy for upper level management outside of game mechanics, such as Mayors/Guilds etc. Below will be listed upper military structure, with notes attached if needed. Stenhus specific ranks will be internal, and established as Elyria nears release, Roleplay Roles are not advised in order to remove confusion of the intentions of Stenhus and the greater HammerBull Dominion.

Lord: [3] – Functional: Set.

Stenhus is currently lorded by Lord: Tarvald HammerBull.

The HammerBull Dominion, asserts complete and total Dominance over Military|Administrative affairs within its territories, alongside Ducal authorities. At the peak of this pyramid are the Lords of the Dominion, of which there are 3. These Lords hold absolute authority over the Dominion, as word of law, military affair, and outwards Diplomacy. Acceptance into the greater HammerBull Dominion family passes through their hands.

Paragon Councilate: [5] – Functional: Hidden.

The HammerBull Dominion of Elyria is further divided into 5 Sub-Administration roles, each set to assist in the Governance of the Dominion. Note, all Paragons have teams separated by County, as to insure that no one individual maintains more authority than a Lord of the Dominion, and thus cannot create mass harm to the Guild as a whole, protecting assets and members.

Paragon of Research: [1] – Functional: Hidden

The Paragon of Research is the Dominion Master of Research expertise. This Merit based individual is set in place to make sure that our Dominion has a full understanding of opportunities presented to our Community through the development and utilization of new formulas, schematics, schools, and research fields. Each County represented in the Dominion has a sub Paragon of Research, dedicated to the utilization and optimization of research vested materials within that County. This sub Paragon will report to the Paragon of Research.

Paragon of Military: [1] – Functional: Hidden


Paragon of Diplomacy: [1] – Functional: Hidden

The Paragon of Diplomacy, is a master of Diplomatic related affairs. This Merit based individual has proven themselves a golden tongued Paragon of Dominion qualities. Tasked with aiding the Lords of the Dominion with establishing new allies, and cross Kingdom trade, The Paragon of Diplomacy will work closely with subordinates or sub Paragon of Diplomacy from each County within the Dominion. Effectively understanding the culture and diplomatic needs of the County, and relaying said information to the Paragon of Diplomacy that he/she may work alongside the Lords to open new avenues for the Dominion.

Paragon of Commerce: [1] – Functional: Hidden

The Paragon of Commerce, is a master of Economic affairs throughout the Domain, savvy with numbers as well as a spreadsheet, this Merit based individual has proven themselves through Business management, real work experience, and mechanical functionality. Understanding the ins and outs of proper economic theory and accounting viability, the Paragon will work closely with their aids or sub Paragons within each County of the Dominion. Information will be relayed to the Paragon of Commerce, whom will work with the Lords to manufacture a system that will ensure productivity levels and funding are well prepared to extend the benefit the consistent growth of the Dominion.

Paragon of Interior: [1] – Functional: Hidden

The Paragon of Interior, is our master of Infrastructure based affairs. Working alongside the Paragon of Commerce the Paragon of Interior seeks to maintain a powerful and growing infrastructure, related to the growing needs throughout each County and their collective Settlements including Baronies. Utilizing the sub-Paragon system, the Paragon of Interior will keep check that all Settlements are expanding, road and defensive works are up to structural standard and utilizing materials in a sustainable fashion.

High Council [Mayors|Barons|Merit Individuals] – Functional: Openings

The High Council is the collective Sub-Mind of the HammerBull Dominion, as it relates members of Stenhus Mayor|Baron caste, as well as Merit based individuals promoted from the ranks will be present on the High-Council. Acting as a voice of the people system allowing Mechanically high-ranking individuals as well as Merit based individuals to voice concerns and promote issues to the Sub-Administration Paragons|Lords. The High-Council is not a voting bloc, and cannot vote in Paragons, or overturn Lord operations. Acting supremely as an advisory council to the Lord/Paragon positioners. Mayors and Barons can Govern their own settlements internally.

Stalhammar Legion Enforcement [Stalhammar Legion] – Functinal: Openings

The Stalhammar Legion is the internal Legionary reactionary force maintained by the Lords of the Dominion. Divided into sub-ranks, the Stalhammar are Militarily organized to enforce laws, punishment, and defensive operations throughout the HammerBull Dominion. Stalhammar Legion members are only recruited from the finest PvP members throughout the Dominion and are trained to be absolutely core devoted to the HammerBull Dominion Leadership and Community. Applications to be Stalhammar must be passed from Stalhammar Legate, to a Dominion Lord.

Guilds: [Unlimited] – Functional: Openings

Guilds (Not Schools) are subject to the internal laws and approval of the HammerBull Dominion and the settlement Mayor/Baron that they reside in. External (Non-Blackheart) Guilds are not permitted to reside in HammerBull Dominion authority under any circumstance other than express permission from a Lord.

Special Interests: [Unlimited] – Functional: Hidden

Special Interests roles are divided and utilized upon situational developments. Depending on the order involved approval may be passed via Paragon or Lord, Dominion wide developments will require Lord permission.

The Alphus Legion

Alphus Legionnaire Chant

What is your Duty? To serve the Dominions will What is the Dominions will? That we fight and die What is Death? It is our Duty What is your Duty? To serve the Dominions will!

The Alphus Legion, created as a Militant effort to expand the interests of the HammerBull Dominion, is maintained by the Multi-County Stenhus. Utilizing a Meritocracy based design focused around Leadership, Tactical Skill, Activity, and PvP Meta, the Alphus legion aims to be the 1st Legionnaire wing of the HammerBull Dominion. As with all groups organized within Stenhus, infrastructure, viability, and diversity are key to our Global success.

Militant Wing Structure

The Alphus Legion is divided into Six Ordos representing differing styles of play within the Chronicles of Elyria mechanical systems, all Ordos may have Sub-Ordos represented via in-game properties. Utilized in order to effectively discern the roles in which a member is best suited or has shown interest. All Ordos still report under the Alphus Legion ranking structure.

Ordos Variants:

Ordos Titanicus:

The Ordos Titanicus acts as the main body of the Alphus Legion, representing all frontlines minded Infantry level players, this includes but is not entirely limited to, Swordsmen, Shield-Breakers, Spearmen, Archery, and foot skirmishing units.

Ordos Ashen:

The Ordos Ashen acts as the main Cavalry body of the Alphus Legion, representing all members interested in mounted combat. This includes but is not limited to, Light, Medium, Heavy, and Shock Cavalry units.

Ordos Stalhond:

The Ordos Stalhond (The Steel Hand) acts as the main Artillery, Siege Corps of the Alphus Legion, representing all members interested in siege combat and logistics. This includes Engineers, Precision Combatants, Logistical core, and all manner of siege equipment operators.

Ordos Eldritch:

The Ordos Eldritch acts as the skirmishing body of the Alphus Legion, representing those forces specialized in hit and run tactics throughout Stenhus. As per the nature of the Ordos, the class type of the player isn’t as important as is the specialization of skill set required by the player to be adept enough to qualify for the Ordos Eldritch.

Ordos Consortium:

The Ordos Consortium acts as a specialist force of those combatants known to have magical ability in their veins. Given the nature of the Consortium, the Ordos is highly prized, and will be under specific management.

Ordos Pyre Guard:

The Ordos Pyre Guard, acts as the finest soldiers found in Stenhus, comprised of those that have shown themselves to be incredibly leaders, fighters, and other expertise. The Alphas, of the Alphus Legion.

Alphus Legion Ranking System

The Alphus Legion is wholly commanded under the authority of Lord Tarvald of the HammerBull Dominion

Leadership Ranks

Lord: Tarvald HammerBull - High Lord of the Legion

The First: Paragon of Military - Lord-Regent of the Legion

Titanicus: Open - High Officer of the Legion

Baron: Open - Game-Mechanical Rank

Recundarii: Open - Legion Recruiter

Legion Common Ranks

Steel Hammer: Open - Legion Elder Veteran

Iron Hammer: Open - Legion High Veteran

Bronze Hammer: Open - Legion Veteran

Steel Bull: Open - Legion Proven

Iron Bull: Open - Legion Standard

Bronze Bull: Open - Legion Recruit

Stenhus Capital [Dominion Capital]

Blackridge is the current Capital of Stenhus, and the HammerBull Dominion. Reinforced by the Stalhammar Legion, Blackridge is the center of Military and Trade affairs throughout the County of Stenhus. Home of the Lord Count, Tarvald HammerBull, Blackridge aims to employ Heavy Industrial, and Military minded individuals alongside the Sub-Paragon core stationed in Stenhus. Blackridge is likely to be a rather large city given certain circumstances, affording players residing in the city a plethora of trade/skill options, as well as a premier location for Guilds to setup shop.

Mr. Wednesday [Mayor]

Solustadir is a current planned large settlement within Stenhus, utilizing leadership between Mr. Wednesday and Bebe, the settlement boasts dual management and consistent activity for tradesmen, including mining, blacksmithing, artisanal goods, agricultural, architectural, and adventuring types. Lastly, being of considerable size Solustadir will also feature a large Animal taming/husbandry population.

Cowboy_WY [Barony]

Calburalis, is a Barony represented by HammerBull Dominion member CowboyWY, and his WY Guild. Featuring high speed, skirmish tactics, and Military goods production, Calburalis acts as a sister Barony to Talvari, owned and operated by by his battle brother TalonWY. This duel structure allows for a greater settlement growth advantage for military goods, troops, and point of contact scenarios.

Talon_WY [Mayor]

Talvari is a settlement acting as the sister settlement to Calburalis Barony, primarily a farming and Animal Husbandry inclusive settlement, Talvari aims to supply surrounding settlements with ample quantities of food and preparation based equipment to support a growing military effort. Directly protected by the Calburalis Barony, Talvari offers a more safe option for those looking to farm, and establish themselves in the PvE game.

SikExecutioner [Baron]

Haemer’Frith is a Barony located near the heartlands of Stenhus, as a main recruiting hub for Military oriented individuals, Haemer’Frith, aims to specialize in heavy military tactics, utilizing Shrub Steppe fauna as a base for equipment, and organization.

JusticeUnchained [Mayor]

Vapenhjiem, is a Settlement operating in the more hilled/mountain areas of Stenhus, with a focus on raw resource extraction via mining and milling. Vapenhjiem welcomes all those wishing to try their luck in heavy industries, and create a name for themselves.

Bakerstu [Mayor]

Baulinail, as hardy as it sounds aims to tame the lands of Stenhus as a multi-oriented settlement with a duel focus in hunting, agricultural advancement, and light military supplies. Those wishing to have a more balanced approach with their gameplay may be interested to settle here.

StoneCyfer [Mayor]

The Town of Evenhand is built on the promise that each mann makes his worth. A hardy settlement Evenhand offers no profession but all profession. One of the more capitalistic societies within Stenhus, Evenhand aims to be a place of trade above all else, money, skulls, information...Looking for a fresh start, or perhaps play that of a Knight Errant seeking unbridled fame and fortune, learn a darker trade, or perhaps a scrappier character looking to bruise their knuckles then inquire in Evenhand.

When you ask what Stenhus is looking for you ask what the greater HammerBull Dominion is looking for, you ask what the farmer, the soldier, the miner, and the crafter are looking for. Stenhus is the making of you the player, our brothers and sisters. The balance one must understand when looking into a game such as Chronicles of Elyria is that of two mutually beneficial parties, PvE and PvP. Stenhus the County will be involved in Politics, Military, Trade, Craft, Infrastructure, internal and external matters of varying degree. Just as we need those willing to fend the frontlines, we need those willing to plant crops, heal others, build wonderous creations and delve deep into underground labyrinthian constructs. When I speak of Stenhus, I’m speaking of my family, that I am afforded the opportunity to lead, without you I wouldn’t be anything, you, the player, the brother and the sister are the reason we in Stenhus and the greater Dominion play. I tell you, I want you to be successful, I want to see your settlements grow, and your battle victories pile. I want to be there when you reach a new height, or forge a new path, for that gives me pride, for that is winning for me.

So truly what we, the Community want are those Merit based individuals, those leaders, those champions, those workers, and community builders that are ready to play with a seasoned team willing to put the community above themselves. We want the iron willed and the courageous, we want those ready to build something greater than themselves. You’re the ones that can and will make the difference, and I’m ready to not stand in front of you, but by you, pull you over the next hurdle. It’s time we create a Domain worth fighting for, Stenhus awaits you, let us seek bold achievements, together.

I’m not here to talk of rank or title to you, not as a Count but as a Brother. When I first formed the HammerBull Dominion with Logran HammerBull and Callemius Faclondor, we went in with the ambition to create something special, something different. We had the experience, over 30+ years collectively and promising returns on our Guild leading in previous titles. Some successes, some failures, all moments of learning. I’m not here to tell you how good I am, or what I can do. I’m here to create a community that will have the ambition, will, courage, and collective skill to push eachother to do bigger, better, more ambitious goals. In all my time of leading I’ve learned a few things, first that you must lead with a firm, but guiding hand, and secondly that it is not I that accomplishes such things, it is you. You give leadership the power to do bigger and better things in your name, and I want to share that with you. So let us build our organization on merit, lets put those in charge that have given more than we could ever repay. Let us spread a Dominion built for the PvE player and the PvP player. Let’s build, a Community, a County, a Duchy. Together.

County Discord: Stenhus

Duchy Discord: Drakeolm

Kingdom Discord: Blackheart

More Mayors will be added, awaiting name approval for their settlements. Thankyou for the understanding.

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*The Royal Carriage’s steady pace was swift. Inside it, the Queen’s handmaiden accompanied Her Majesty. *

The young, beautiful, maiden parted the veil on the window “Your Highness, I noticed you don’t look out to marvel at the unearthly beauty of this land. Are you unimpressed by it?”

The golden orbs in the Queen’s eyes met those of the maiden. Without looking through the window, her lips parted “Alex, dearest. Lord Tarvald has made of Stenhus a place most admirable. It is a diamond among the lands of our Blood. Why would I need to look out and admire something that is, without a doubt, just excellent...”

"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

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The biggest pros are that the sections are separated clearly [and don't run together] and that you communicate what the county / collective actually is

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