Map Voting Round 2 is here!

Salutations Elyrians,

Map Voting Round 2 (Final Map Voting) is now underway!

What is it?

Round 1 completed last Friday, November 2nd at 12 pm PDT. At that time we posted a blog update to ensure participants from Round 1 were clear on the 5 maps their votes had chosen for Round 2 voting. You can read the Map Voting Round 1 conclusion blog here. For a recap of the rules, guidelines, details, and an FAQ, see the original Map Voting announcement post here.

Millions of Player Influence was spent and thousands of votes were cast. Read the details below to learn how Round 2 is different from Round 1.

Round 1 results

Here are the maps that the servers Angelica (NA-W), Luna (NA-E), and Selene (EU) chose with their votes during Round 1:

Angelica (NA-W)

1. Map I

2. Map H

3. Map S

4. Map K

5. Map G

Luna (NA-E)

1. Map A

2. Map N

3. Map R

4. Map T

5. Map J

Selene (EU)

1. Map B

2. Map L

3. Map C

4. Map Q

5. Map P

For more detail on the biome/kingdom breakdown of the maps from Round 1, see this post.

Round 2 Details

All votes are reset. Your number of votes will once again be equal to the number of Sparks of Life you have. If you have upgraded your pledge package or bought more Sparks of Life since Round 1 ended, this number may be greater than it was at the beginning of Round 1.

This round is defined as Final Map Voting.

Cast your votes only on the official map voting page here.

  • All four (4) servers will participate in Final Map Voting.
  • This period lasts a total of 11 days.
  • Round 2 will start on November 5th at 3 pm PST, and ends on November 16th at 12 noon PST, 2018
  • Players on Angelica (NA-W), Luna (NA-E), and Selene (EU) will have a unique set of 5 maps to choose from.
  • OCE (Oceania) players will have a unique set of 8 archipelago-style maps to choose from.

Note: Voting in Round 2 is confidential and results will not be counted until the voting period is over. The winning maps will be announced after November 16th at 12 noon PST.

Final results

Once Round 2 has finished we will tally up the final results and post an announcement about which maps you have selected on our website.

That's right - you the player! Elyria is a world being built for its inhabitants and, at the end of the day, its inhabitants will have the ultimate say in what world they want to live in.

To discuss maps from the Final Map Voting pool for your server, join the general server forums linked on the Map Voting page. Additionally, if you aren't there already, come join us in our official Discord server where we have made a special #map-voting channel! Come strategize, campaign, promote, and enjoy the conversation, fun, and memes that are all a part of this very maptastic event!

Remember, you have until Friday, November 16th at 12 pm PST to cast your votes!

And, if you're in the USA, don't forget to cast your ballot in the elections on Tuesday, November 6th. It won't change the shape of the continent, but it will shape the country!

May luck and favor grant you and your comrades the map you most desire!

UPDATE 11/10/2018 10:27pm PST

From Caspian:

"Hail Elyrians.

We've updated the maps on the website for Round 2.

In particular, we've emphasized several of the terrain features such as elevation and water, to make it clearer where there is water and where there are contours in the terrain. Note that these are somewhat exaggerated for clarity, but are otherwise a clearer representation of what to expect from the terrain.

In addition, we've added the duchy boundaries to the OCE maps.

Note: Your images may not have refreshed and the old images may still be in your cache. On each page, as well as each lightbox, you may need to press CTRL+SHIFT+R to force a refresh. Each image should have a darker blue background now.



"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

11/6/2018 8:29:01 PM #1

Cool !

Will we have a more detailed vision of each kingdom county at the end of Round 2 ?

Eolwyn Lunicorne

11/6/2018 11:52:34 PM #2

Nice! Will there be duchy lines?

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

11/7/2018 1:28:04 AM #3

Oh sure, it just happened to be on America's election day. Completely by chance.


  • I'm big enough to forgive you. But I'm not stupid enough to trust you again. (A29D00/#9056)
11/7/2018 4:44:41 AM #4

Sorry I pledged 2 years ago but only now starting to get involved and catching up on things. Which server has been recommended for the Australians out there?

Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe.

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11/7/2018 5:23:10 AM #5

Probably Oceanus (OCE)

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11/11/2018 6:32:15 AM #6

Maps have been updated, see the update from Caspian in the announcement above ^^

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."