Surname - Broken dreams in Coe...

With each part of marveling things coming from CoE, comes along with disappointing things such as "When Dev team interfere with player experience".

There are some line that shouldn't be crossed, especially when player freedom is muzzled on their imagination, Especially when one are imagining something that respect the community and cause no harm to other.

I have been trying to find out a surname built upon legends, and that inspire some idea, some concept, like unicorn.

I end up with something like that :

  • De Licorne-Amour
  • La Licorne

Both were refused with the usual automated message. (I would have appreciate some advice to refine or kind of specific explanation though).

So I asked for explanations. An this is what I got :

Thanks for your email.

Your first surname request violated the "max 2 words" policy, and was declined. Regarding your 2nd surname, there are no unicorns in Elyria.

As for your other inquiries, those names seem more than reasonable as surnames. It is up to us and we decided long ago to determine the level of immersion for CoE and I hope you can understand our desire to keep it at a certain level.


For the first surname, the use of dash (-) is not clear to me, but ok if you consider this as a three words. Fine.

But, man, the second ! : there are no unicorns in Elyria


Ok you choosed Unicorn will NEVER exist on Elyria. So what ?

(btw I'm sure medfan players will enjoy it, and raise questions about all the nice things that exist in mythology, like pegasus, etc...)

So what ? Is there any unicorn in our real world ?

Come on, this doesn't stop us to imagine it in our real world, no ?

So if you'r starting with censor in Elyria with mythical idiomes, where are we going to go in this game ?

Will you also censor every people saying the word "unicorn" on the channels ? Will you censor every shield, every statue, every piece of art representing a unicorn ?

And this can be extended to every single creation the players are going to imagine. Pegasus, Dragon, Griffin, every miracle, every piece of gift given to your world by us, the players. We will have to go through your filter of censor like if living back in the cold war.

Did you ever learned about metaphor ?

How does business men call a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion : a unicorn. That is called a metaphor.

Does this animal exist, in our world ? No

Did you ever think players that look out for MMORPG have dreams they want to live ?

How many dreams are you going to break with your "desire to keep it at a certain level of immersion" ?

Sorry to throw my emotions on the paper, but that's so disappointing for me....

Ok, no unicorn then. Then...

Eolwyn Lunicorne

10/10/2018 10:27:37 PM #1

You know what you do to get back at them. Cross breed a war horse with a trison! After you get a unicorn, bicorn, And a tricorn, you need to change your surname to horse-lord and commission every map maker on your server to label your ranch, Unicorn Ranch.

Alternately, reach out to the devs and explain that you understand that there is no unicorns in Elyria, but your family name comes from a long told myth in your family history of a fantastic beast that was never confirmed to exist. Do understand though that if they don't even want references to creatures like unicorns it is because they are trying to set up the world in a consistent vision, and although they are trying to allow us freedoms there has to be congruity.

10/10/2018 10:43:02 PM #2

Do artwork in game as an artist. Draw, paint, carve, sculpt, and write about nothing but unicorns and tell everyone that it's a unicorn. Unicorns will be populated as a mythological or fairy tale being.

10/10/2018 10:43:46 PM #3


From the Surname Reservation FAQ (2nd post):

"Q10: What if I don’t agree with a rejection of my surname request?
A10: All decisions are final, Soulbound Studios are the final arbiters in regards to approving surnames for use in game.

Per the FAQ item above, surname declines are final and we cannot discuss them further.

Thank you.

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."