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So the first question is : how to create a guild ?

I guess we need to use a contract but I don't know more about that ...

Guilds can be created by drafting up a guild charter as seen here, which would give scribes some good business. So yes, it happens using a scribe, and I imagine implicit laws that your guild must follow happen after the charter is written, again via contract.

Second question, that's cool to have an official guild but ... I need building, and equipment to work with my mates ! So, I see in the exposition store we will be able to buy commercial building, this will be perfect to sell our production ... but were will we work ? we need a factory, and it is possible to buy it with exposition point ?

As we have seen recently there is a stuff like the guild hall floating around that is perfect for this. Yes though, you could buy it with EP and plop it down, and if you want something complicated or specifically done, you may need to get with an architect and draft up plans and do things the old fashioned way.

I have found that with a tier 3 profession kit, we will get "crafting station and building" this building could be a factory ?

Anything could be a factory, but no the shop that comes with the profession kit is meant for a single persons profession and housing an entire guild may be a bit much for the size.

Third question, FINE we now have an official guild with beautifull buildings and equipment. So now, how to recruit ? I guess at the beginning we will higly recruit PNJs, but we will need to make contracts ? ..

You recruit however you recruit. Find interested parties here in the forums, wait and find people in game, create 5 alt characters and have each one work on a different part of the shoe in your Elyrian Nike factory, sky is the limit.