What is your dream in CoE?

Hello to everyone in the CoE community.

I just watched the film Ready Player One and it made ask myself:

Why do i want to play CoE some much?

My answer: It is about going on an adventure. I dream about not be bound in any place and roaming around a fantastic world. To explore its secrets and meeting all different kinds of people and maybe in the end to find a place which makes me stay. To take up a role, to build up a community.

What will it be? I don‘t know, but thats excatly what makes me feel so excited about it. To just jump in without a plan (and without a handkerchief).

I know many of you are different. You organize yourselfs already in kingdoms planing in detail what your role willl be.

So i am curious. What is your dream?

I am looking forward to your answers and thank you for shareing the dreams.

6/2/2019 2:20:57 PM #31

My dream is to influence people by knowledge. No rassism, no war, but a lot of masters of different professions, so this world can be beautiful without consuming its ressources too fast.

That is why I am a Brudvir (with perfect skills), will be papermaker, scribe and author of many books on lore and knowledge collected by friends all over Elyria. There will be bookstores and local newspapers published by House Pyrros to live that dream and lit some hearts for a gamestyle full of roleplay instead of killing and destruction.

The first step is to bring together a crew to construct three tiny settlements from the scratch on the borders of thre kingdoms so that they will appear as one, open for all tribes to meet.

House Pyrros

6/3/2019 1:14:11 AM #32

Wanting to become a warden of a forest or a hunter/researcher of animals and wild plants. I would also want to have a group of hunters that would work together for the group then them selves..

If you want to do something like this replay and we can make our own guild.:)

Houndu The Great

6/3/2019 2:59:27 AM #33

To wipe the Kypiq from existence.

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6/3/2019 9:25:32 AM #34

My dream is to to live even if I am dead. To become a legend the people will never forget.

See you in game folks!

6/3/2019 10:07:45 AM #35

As a Baron my first objective is to make my city grow into an impregnable fortress that keeps the enemy of my Kingdom at bay. However, this pragmatic goal is not entirely satisfying. I want a strong identity that will make people want to come and stay; and I want a healthy, sustainable community.

I see at the center of my castle, a temple, a group of scholars and warriors. Like the Hospitallers, they are welcoming, committed to protect any travelers and to offer them a safe place to rest. But they are also ferocious in battle, and eager to take part in adventures.

I want this place to be a safe spot for merchants and adventurers to meet, trade, and prepare their journeys. It will be, in particular, an ideal base to prepare taming expeditions or research of plants and components required for alchemy.

Besides, a large part of my ambitions will be to create this benevolent and united community. I will try to involve them as much as possible in the decisions related to the city, aiming to a participative democracy, within the limits of military obligations and gameplay efficiency.

If I manage to organize that and if this project survives me... the dream will be fulfilled.

Barony of Kern’s gate

6/3/2019 3:54:43 PM #36

My desire is to build the best trade hub in the game, and create a road system that first connects my kingdom, and then the entire starting continent.

6/3/2019 7:16:39 PM #37

To discover strange new worlds and new civilizations..... Buwhahahahah Screw that. I want to kill people. I want to do it in ways that are silent and unknown that would fool even the smartest investigators, or end their life in loud and extremely violent way that make people say "OUCH. That had to hurt."

I want to do it efficiently and stay hidden afterwards so no one finds out that it was really Willy the gentle paper maker. Who once helped Dr. Farnsworth get that pesky goblin out of her cellar by giving is a nasty paper cut.

Nope I want to kill or dethrone counts, dukes, that annoying blacksmith who over charged me, and even kings. The trick is doing so in a way that leaves all suspicion and doubt onto someone or something else.

I am in no doubt that this will take time and will most likely be the cause of my death. I am willing to push through all of that, and hone my true abilities, and of course doing my best to fool everyone else into thinking I am nothing more then an inadequate alchemist who once got a nasty poison ivy rash in my no no places.

Anyone can play a soldier, and brute force their way to victory. It takes real skill to slowly kill that same soldier over weeks. Poisoning him without him or anyone else knowing it. Then convincing the entire town that his death was actually a murder. With all the evidence pointing to some poor schmo who over charged me years ago.

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8/11/2019 4:10:58 PM #38

become the lich king :D

8/11/2019 4:29:50 PM #39

Want to make kypiqs great animals breeders and raise a high standard of living for kypiqs so that they are relaxed. All so I can produce the great ironwood kypiq steak. It will be tender and delicious, with a nutty flavor. Mann from all over Elyria will want to order and try the great ironwood kypiq steak.

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8/11/2019 5:01:17 PM #40

Since hearing about COE and witnessing the launch of the official website we see today. I have dreamt of building a monumental coastal city similar to the city of Alexandria, Egypt in 300bc coupled with a bustling harbor of trade and shipwrights. Building, repairing, and servicing vessels of every shape and variety. That is the digital dream.

Our dreams will be reality! It’s in the air folks! Keep the faith.

8/15/2019 12:50:56 AM #41

I'm planning to open a restaurant or food production operation The game mechanics of objects you carry having weight and volume caused me to consider selling something that was used up, so it wasn't heavy. Selling food I think will open up exploration and opportunities for commerce with foreign peoples.

Combat in this game is something I would like to hear more about. I will have to fight, and I want to know what my options are going to be.


8/15/2019 3:05:32 AM #42

Seems I already posted on this a couple weeks ago- Death to all Kypiq.

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8/15/2019 9:07:58 AM #43

My dream for CoE is for my name in the the Chronicles to be recorded as the founder of a family line which will become increasingly notable for their alchemical expertise.

No doubt some of my own offspring will surprise me with their own decisions in life and want to travel around a different continent on a gap year or something ridiculous! I never got those chances when I was apprenticed to Merlin and Catweazle! Huh! Those who do will be the first I'll turn into frogs! . . . Er, possibly.

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8/15/2019 10:07:11 PM #44

I can't remember who the Kypiq are.


10/4/2019 10:18:03 AM #45

I intend to be a lore keeper and a healer. Finding a healing magic would be my personal top priority. I intend to start a long line of shamen in my village. We will be the people who hold information and heal those who are sick or injured. I will be joining a family at start who have similar but very different goals from me. I will probably eventually start a branch of the family of my own. As for the game itself, I have high hopes that my decisions and actions will matter as a part of a greater whole.

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