I am posting on behalf of my flatmate who has the right to reserve a surname due their pledge level.

They are going to be playing in an area where they will have a set surname due to their role and the area's set up. Does this mean the surname reservation will be wasted?

Or does this mean that it is the ability to create a surname that will exist in Elyria forever and they are simply able to select it for a later character?


9/7/2018 3:18:07 PM #1

"They are going to be playing in an area where they will have a set surname due to their role and the area's set up."

What does this sentence mean? ^^^

9/7/2018 3:26:25 PM #2

The Count has reserved a surname. My flatmate will be playing a Mayor (or Baron) and will be joining that family so will have that surname.

As far as I understand it anyway.

Does that explanation make sense?

9/7/2018 3:49:05 PM #3

Unless you are born directly into the counts family you/friend will need a surname of their own anyway.

The remaining members of the family NPC or otherwise will still carry the surname.

9/7/2018 5:28:31 PM #4

The surname your friend reserves will become an NPC family in the place your friend sets them up. I believe that your friend's first character would have to be of that family, and then they can be reborn in the Count's family.

That name your friend makes will still exist (assuming the family line isn't wiped out by violence) after he leaves the family. It's reasonable to expect that your friend could get back into that family later on, but if another player is born into it they could hijack at least one branch of the family. He'd definitely be taking a risk. However, he will not have the option of saving his surname choice for later. He will have to create that family from day one.

9/21/2018 4:21:44 PM #5

I picked a Surname and it was rejected. I looked at the guidelines for creating surnames and also searched for availability but it was both available and did not violate the guidelines.

Can someone clarify? Did I pick a name too similar to someone else's name or was it too similar to an in game NPC name?

9/21/2018 4:26:28 PM #6

The name doesn't have to match the guidelines in order to pass. It can be declined even if you meet the guidelines. My suggestion would be to contact support. [email protected]

8/30/2019 8:53:38 PM #7

So I picked another name. But now I used the surname tool and the old name I wanted to pick was accepted. So was the previous thing a bug?

8/30/2019 8:58:01 PM #8

What was the surname.

8/30/2019 9:12:31 PM #9

Nevermind, I forgot that even after the surname is submitted it has to be approved by the system again. Just wasted $10 I guess. I don't understand though the reasoning behind their surname approval. They approved my name of Yuelong which is Chinese in an obviously medieval European type world but not my original choice which was more fantasy sounding.

I wonder how the devs feel about Hrothi with Chinese names...

8/31/2019 5:11:38 AM #10

Yuelong could conceivably be Hrothi.

The Euro Medieval theme doesn't apply to all tribes, despite what most of the website art makes it seem. Nerans, of course, are modeled after Western Europeans, I think intentionally so to hook and reel in all the Medieval Fantasy fans. Some of the others, however, are not analogous to any ethnic groups from Europe, real or mythical.

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