Grand city of Aurinethious

Grand City Aurinethious

Duchy: Bloodoak

County: Newel

City focus: Adventure, Commerce, Research

The Grand city of Aurinethious is a must stop city for any adventurer with plans work in close collaboration with other settlements and guilds with plans on being a city that focuses on adventure and commerce. Inn rooms will be available for travlers and merchants. Job boards provide adventurers with work ranging from beating up a few bandits to killing vampires. The more experienced among us may also choose to share their knowledge and sell it to the city. Planned buildings include: Adventurers HQ, Arena, Embassy, and several commercial structures. Those who join the city will be able to do as they wish as long as it does not conflict with the kingdom, duchy county, city goals. Depending on what these goals are you may even receive support from interested parties or the city itself.



The Arena will allow for the combat training for adventurers and other citizens of Bordweall. Participants in the arena will have a chance to prove their honor and win citizenship for their victory in competitions. the arena will also provide a great way for crafters to show the quality and effectiveness of their gear, making in more appealing for fighters and merchants.

Adventurers HQ:

Adventures HQ will allow for a centralized location for adventurers to accept and turn in contracts. this will also provide a place for adventurers to meet, form parties, stay, and gain general information on events and skill building opportunities. Adventurers may also receive ranks dependent upon their completion rate of contracts. The HQ will also inform new adventurers on the basics of survival and give suggestions on what quests should be taken. For adventurers that wish to stay for a time the HQ will provide room rental opportunities.


The Embassy will be a general meeting area meant for negotiating contracts important to the city or to highly successful merchants, researchers, and fighters. the last use of this structure will be as a main shelter and defensive structure in the case of invasion.


Buildings will be provided to assist in the many new endeavors such as a smithy to acquire and maintain weapons and armor, a general goods store for basic exploration equipment and survival manuals, and a paper mill for the production of books. As well as a paper mill for books and schematics.


Research will be aimed at general advancement and exact direction will be determined by the citizens. The city would record all manners of schematics and skills. For those who wish to share their knowledge they can sell it to the city through the embassy. In turn the embassy would sell the blueprints and skills through the general stores or Adventurers HQ. contributors will be grated their works at or near production cost. Additionally the city will have an academy for individuals to gain knowledge and skills, coming fully equipped with a library.


The Church of Aurinethious stands for purity and a high respect for all life. Disciples of this church. two main disciplines exist in the church protect the first is Disciple of Terra and the second Disciple of Tetra. Followers of Terra pledge to live in peace with others and promote peaceful solutions to disagreements, the highly skilled in this faith are commonly referred to as Peace Keepers. Followers of Tetra pledge to oppose malevolent creatures wherever they appear. They do this through occult research, investigations of odd reports, the procurement of effective weapons. As a result they have Many books on the killing of dark creatures. They deal with the hunting and killing of the monster(s) in question. Commonly, Disciples of Tetra are referred to as Templars. Adventurers who wish to join them on their holy inquisitions are warned to do so at their peril.


The city of Aurinethious highly encourages the creation of all types of guilds in the city, as a result incentives are provided for those who form guilds in the city. these incentives could be a tax break, priority resource allocation, or assistance in finding contacts like suppliers of guard forces. incentives are certainly not limited to theses items and other incentives could be proposed and granted after discussion of the incentive in question.

Feel free to join the city discord and pm me with any questions.

County form post

9/22/2018 4:11:33 PM #1

Looking great Mayor Hawkaze! Happy to have you and your group in Newel!

10/7/2018 11:28:02 AM #2

Hawkaze, are you limiting certain organizations from this incentives program and for how long does these organizations keep these incentives?

10/9/2018 7:14:01 PM #3

There will be limitations on incentives. In order to be considered for incentives the organization must benefit the city in it's objectives. Organizations relating to Commerce, Adventure, or Research have a high likely hood of getting incentives. Independent agents looking out for strictly self interest are less likely to receive them. As long as the organization is benefiting the town they will continue receiving these incentives.