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Hi! I'm relatively new to this game and will likely be playing on the NA-W server. I've pledged in the adventurer tiers, but will likely be upping that pledge to become gentry once I get settled in my new job.

I’m looking at crafting, most likely glass blowing. So I’m looking for a settlement on NA-W which has enough of a population to make this profession worthwhile, preferably one with alchemists and others who would be potential customers (astronomers? house builders?) so that there's some synergy in the local economy. If glass blowing isn’t in demand, shipbuilding, siege weapon making or some other form of carpentry is my second choice.

I’m looking at Neran as my tribe, but I’m not beholden to that decision.

So what settlement/kingdom etc. would I fit in best? Which profession is most in demand? Are there any guilds in your settlement that I would fit?

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Hi there, Morgion. Welcome to CoE. I'm also on the NA-W server in the Kingdom of Riftwood, Duchy of Atravia. I'm the mayor of a town, Briva, dealing in crafting and the pursuit of all things elegant and well crafted. My own personal interests run between alchemy and astrology, and my preferred tribe is also Neran! From your post, it sounds like you may find a good place here, and we can chat about anything you'd like to do as a glassblower or carpenter (or both).

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Or visit the various other Kingdoms, duchies, counties and cities here

Looking forward to your visit. :)

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If you are still looking for somewhere to settle, I recommend exploring the various groups in Ashland as well as the other kingdoms.

Finding a community you like is much more important at this stage, as none of us know where we are located.

For example, I am always looking for new settlers, but I cannot promise anything to my followers until the moment I select a town during settlement/domain selection. However, I do plan on having a sizable settlement that would have need for glassblowers :)

Good luck in your quest!

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Greetings Morgion,

I would like to present to you, the Duchy of Wessex.

10/19/2018 7:36:13 PM #4

Atravia seconded.

10/19/2018 9:56:12 PM #5

Ashland, Cough

Besides Ashland the quiet kingdoms would be a good place to start, they are smaller of course but may have interesting opportunities.

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XD I think you should look more for a group of people you enjoy than the city of your craft as you may rapidly find that almost anyone with a Goal is sought after heavily on all sides. Seeing as having people who want to do something in particular means not having a NPC with less motivation doing the same job and not making discoveries or advancing things. I have joined Ashland because I enjoy the company of the kingdom's citizenry and the Nobles seem well dedicated and fair. That having been said I have a town who will be pursuing construction and academic training in skills for practical use. Craftsmen/women of any kind are most welcome and I simply must recruit more gentry and and citizenry for my town as I don't have any players siding with me just yet. I accept All races, as good stories come from many points of view.

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