[Sticky] Guild Banner Signatures?

I've seen users on the forums with their guild banners up as their signatures and I was wondering if and how I would be able to to the same thing.

2/26/2016 12:30:58 AM #1

Welcome to our community and forums Werot. To answer your question, most of the "banners" found are made, created or edited by photoshop users within our community. To put on a "banner", you must click your name in the top roght corner when you're logged in. If you want to install a "banner" you have in mind. Head on over to the General Discussion section of our forums, there you will find a post named the "Markdown Sheet", up in the stickied front page of the General Discussion. If you need anymore help please do ask it here or at our IRC or Discord. See you around Werot, God bless you.


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2/26/2016 2:24:35 AM #2

You can add your own banner to your sig but using this:

![]( add link here )

2/26/2016 2:26:04 AM #3

I just made mine at Bannerfans without to much difficulty. Go experiment with it a little. :)

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6/20/2016 6:45:18 PM #4

Testing my banner, please ignore

12/6/2016 9:58:11 PM #5

banner test. please ignore.

12/6/2016 10:00:10 PM #6

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12/6/2016 10:10:46 PM #7

For those of you without the money for Photoshop and with moral standards too high to pirate it, I'd recommend you download GIMP which is basically an open source Photoshop. Handy for making things such as banners and the like.

1/17/2017 6:30:27 PM #8

cant find the link to some banner signature help. anyone have it on hand?

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3/1/2017 9:56:32 PM #9

Anybody know how embed a link into your banner?

1/13/2018 5:02:53 PM #10

holy testing ma banner

8/31/2018 11:04:11 PM #11

failed test. please ignore

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12/19/2018 4:58:13 AM #13

Hey I've done a bit of research and trial / error here. Use this for a max height and width. This has been tested: 130X670px

Going over that will cause clipping on your images.

12/19/2018 5:03:08 AM #14

That only works for commentor, not for original poster, nor does it work for mobile. Its different for them all. Just use trial and error.

12/19/2018 5:08:33 AM #15

Violet I'm not understanding you. Please clarify cause I just updated my graphics lol. :)