shape shifting

I believe that the shape shifting talent should be one that turns in to where wolf (personal opinion which do most prefer one that turn s to wolf or turn in to any animal ) . If the wolf version of shape shifting is selected I think that those born with the gift to be a better version of the wolf like stronger faster and have more height over those that are bitten also eyes should be red to show proof of their birth. The second class of pure bread wolves in game should be those of werewolf parent on one side but human parent on the other they should still have medium advantage over bitten and to show their birth there eyes should be reddish orange. bitten werewolves should be stronger than average people also should have yellow eyes. also there should be limit to those who can be turn either by werewolf or by vampires also were wolves I think would benefit from a Lycian like state not as strong as their form on full moon but to help out when they don't have moon . (I did not really edit just one run on sentence XD)

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