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Empires may be forged in blood, but they stand the test of time only through statecraft and the proper management of resources. The Empire Guild recognizes this point and intends on integrating itself throughout society as the foremost company in logistics. During times of war, logistics facilitate a fast and effective mobilization of troops and supplies. This alone can make or break a nation. During times of peace logistics form an integral part of the economic system, allowing for a steady stream of goods and services to be exchanged for the profit of all those involved.

The Empire Wants You!

We are currently actively recruiting for all positions. Since we are a newer guild to the game most upper positions are also open, if you are interested just apply on our discord ; however higher up positions will be filled slower since we'd like to get to know you first.


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Branches of the Empire

The Empire Guild is split up into three primary branches which serve distinct yet interconnected functions. Each one improving the value of the other while tackling specific market needs. These branches are as follows:

  • The People's Platform which forms the infrastructure branch ensuring a strong and healthy foundation for our citizens and the businesses who call our guild halls home.
  • Trader's Choice which is the primary business venture of the Empire Guild, providing local gatherers, crafters and merchants a friendly local face to the evolving world market.
  • Traveler's Choice which is the secondary business venture, capitalizing on the existing infrastructure and systems developed for the Trader's Choice branch through innovative and lucrative multi-purposing of trade service stops and shipping centers.

Traders Choice

Traders choice is broken into two departments and represents the primary focus of the Empire Guild with the other branches supporting and further monetizing its necessary infrastructure.

  • Logistics is the primary department of Trader’s Choice and is often the first experience people will have with the Empire Guild. The logistics branch handles all shipping of goods both for our own ventures but also for our partners and affiliates. We rely heavily on developing a robust network of harvesters, crafters and traders in order to provide the most diverse range of products available for every budget. We work hard to maintain a level of redundancy among suppliers so that no matter the quantity you can always rest easy knowing that your order will be filled quickly and ship from the closest distribution centers. For the crafters we strive to provide you everything you need no matter how esoteric, so that you can provide the highest quality goods to your customers. All of this and more while making sure that the farthest you have to travel is the nearest Trader's Choice venue, this way you can get back to spending time on what you love doing best!
  • Banking is the second department of the Trader’s Choice and helps facilitate trade by maintaining standards in the area along with distribution of labor tokens on fulfilled work orders. On top of this they provide loans to small businesses who wish to participate in the network, jump starting the local economy.

The People's Platform

The People's Platform is further subdivided into departments which handle specific facets of society so that they can better provide for all those who work within lands controlled by the guild. These departments are as follows:

  • Transportation, which is responsible for planning, as well as construction and maintenance contracts of all guild used thoroughfares.
  • Planning, handles the planning and management of the city layout taking into account the needs of its various districts.
  • Safety and Resilience, plans for any natural eventualities that are likely to occur, from times of famine to natural disasters.
  • Finance, covers financial markets and services that support basic economic processes such as raising capital, investing, collecting and storing wealth, payments, and managing risk.
  • Education, handles the various institutions set up to improve the skill levels of our citizens as well as maintain cohesive and focused research goals.
  • Public Space, specifically handles those spaces used by the public within city limits and makes sure that these spaces not only serve utility for all who pass by but also an aesthetic function.
  • Culture, helps develop a strong culture unique to the Empire guild and oversees its visibility to the public eye.
  • Standards, works with all other departments to collect data and improve overall function of the People's platform's systems and processes. They also implement any necessary laws while keeping the legal system light and flexible for the guild controlled cities varied clientele.
  • Environment, manages the renewable resources within control of the guild to make sure that there is a proper balance ensuring the prosperity of the community.
  • Labor Management, collects data on the various businesses and needs of the guild to ensure that citizens are employed and well equipped for their positions. They also control the Labor Token system along with the many related programs.
  • Soul Services, handles the religious and related aspects of the community.

Traveler’s Choice

The final of the three branches Traveler’s Choice helps offset the costs of our infrastructure and finds further ways to monetize the existing systems.

  • Rest Stops are developed along our trade routes to assist our logistics system and provide security checkpoints along the way to reduce product loss to crime. As these locations develop they will provide further services not only to our logistics systems but to the local and traveling populous, which in turn will reinforce the value of each of our locations. Each rest stop will be able to eventually provide room and board to travelers along with small distribution centers for the local economy to integrate with our network. Rest Stops will be able to accept Labor Token.
  • Alongside our distribution centers will develop Space-A Travel Centers which help us recoup the value of any space not used on our wagons etc. Space-A Travel Centers will keep the travel schedules posted along with the currently available space that can be converted for passengers. After all shipment schedules are finalized tickets will be sold with priority given to anyone with Labor Tokens. Since these tickets are being sold to recover the value of unused space we can sell them at prices which undercut the cost of our competitors and still turn a profit.
  • Sanctuaries are a service we will provide which will develop alongside Traveler’s Choice Rest Stops that show strategic value and a healthy economy able to sustain such ventures. This branch sets up cloisters where our more anonymous clientele can feel safe from prying eyes and where they can sell their goods with no questions asked. There will also be premium room and board services which can be paid for either with our unified currency or Labor Tokens.
  • Just as some individuals may need to maintain anonymity in their sales some may wish to travel without the notice of the public. For these individuals the Traveler’s Anonymous branch will manage their premium travel package. Unlike Space-A travel travelers will be paying for exclusive use of a specialized wagon made to look like the others yet designed for privacy and comfort. Additional options may be available depending on availability.


So many positions for you to get into! There will be upper management positions available for steering the guild as a whole along with middle management across branches and departments, and of course many lower management positions for the various localities. As a burgeoning guild the sky is the limit and there will be plenty of chance to promote within the guild especially as we develop our network across new locations. For further information about positions please use the link at the bottom to contact us on our Discord!

The Bigger Picture

We are based out of Nicodemus Tabes in the Grand County of Æratatabes (a subset of Pevensie) in the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden in the Grand Kingdom of Vornair. It’s a pretty grand place. Our sister city is Erebus and we work closely with them for all of our security needs. Count Abbot Lark of Pevensie is our primary supplier for local Ag goods and manages the greater county lands. We have made many positive relationships both in and outside of Vornair and hope to solidify them in time with expansions.

Link to my cities page

Contact Us!

Our Discord



7/10/2018 1:48:51 PM #1

Great write up Xerr. Interested to see where we land because I could see this being of high interest to me.

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7/10/2018 7:17:16 PM #2

Posted By Esoba at 07:48 AM - Tue Jul 10 2018

Great write up Xerr. Interested to see where we land because I could see this being of high interest to me.

Thanks =D Same, I do hope we end up relatively close so we could work together.



7/12/2018 11:02:04 PM #3

A truly awesome post, lots of amazing ideas for the logistics and trading minded people! Looking forward to see this vision grow, Xerr is very smart and insanely passionate about CoE and it's community, highly recommended!

7/13/2018 7:11:56 PM #4

Thanks for the kind words :)

While logistics is the primary focus of the guild, I just want to remind people that the supporting branches are incredibly important to fully realizing the guild and if you just enjoy running a tavern or enjoy architecture, you are all welcome and will be vital to the success of our guild!

Heck you don't even have to directly be a part of the guild, affiliates with such skills are quite welcome :)



7/23/2018 11:29:08 PM #5

Updated the page to include interview by Cynn =D



12/29/2018 4:44:57 AM #6

So the point is to get governmental bodies to outsource the logistics part of their job?

If so, it seems like you could place Anywhere and find employment.

1/15/2019 9:51:37 PM #7

Posted By Labbe at 9:44 PM - Fri Dec 28 2018

So the point is to get governmental bodies to outsource the logistics part of their job?

If so, it seems like you could place Anywhere and find employment.

Exactly! As everyone knows specializing makes you more effective and by taking the burden of logistics off mayors, counts, etc. it helps them focus on what they personally find most exciting!

I'm glad you agree and hope to be just as well received =D



8/28/2019 8:44:46 PM #8

Alright. I'll update the main write up after DSS but things are looking pretty good.

We are going to be somewhere on the very northern most coast. I pick Day 1, hour 3, count week so the guild's location is all but assured. I've got 50k EP I'm dedicating to this and the city, although at this point I think the guild is effectively going to be the city? The line is pretty blurry.

It's definitely a bustling city with over 700 pop and 150 parcels!



8/29/2019 9:34:32 PM #9


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