[NA-E | Vornair | Aechena] County of Argentum

Server - NA-E

Kingdom - Vornair

Duchy - Conclave

~About the Count~

Hello all,

My name is Rydel Sleak, and I am the Count of Argentum. I am an old timer in the gaming world, been around since the days of UO. From my time in UO I learned that my favorite part of these games is interacting with the community and building relationships with other players.

I enjoy helping others more than anything, whether it is telling you about something that I learned that might help you out, or jumping right in to lend a hand with whatever project it is you are working on, you can Count (See what I did there?) on me.

Many of my plans as a Count are built around helping the community to grow and reach their own goals, whatever is left over from taxes, after paying the taxes due to our Duchy, will not line my pockets. Instead it will go into programs to help all of our citizens see their own dreams become real.

But above all, I will not be the Count that you never see as I will make every effort to reach out and be involved with every one of you, unless you tell me to go away, in which case I will leave and cry somewhere else. If you are looking for community, if you are looking to be more than just another number, then you are looking for Argentum.

~Primary Goals as a Count~

  • Establish a Grants program giving community members County funding to rapidly increase their industrial/mercantile growth.
  • Establish a County controlled Mercantile Program that helps get traders crafted goods at reduced cost.
  • Establish a Loans program to help fund those Entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves quickly.
  • Establish a "Keep what you build" initiative that outfits towns with equipment and training to defend themselves, while waiting for reinforcement, to lessen overall damage in the event of an attack, as well as to help keep the roads to their towns safe from bandits.

    These systems have been created with out-of-game mechanics, so whether we have ways of implementing them in-game or not, they will be available.

~Primary Goals as a County~

Argentum will be primarily focused on Raw Resource Acquisition (Gathering) and Material Processing (Crafting). The majority of the Grants will go to landowners of this persuasion.

From there, the Mercantile program will come into play. By helping to increase the abilities of our gatherers and crafters they will be able to put out higher volume at a lower cost to registered Merchants that own land within the County (A condition of receiving a Grant). This creates a chain making offloading your resources or goods far faster, Merchants can then export the goods/resources at a profit.

This will mean high levels of material and crafted goods on our roads, that will bring the "Keep what you build" initiative into the picture. Players interested in combat will be able to find positions helping guard those towns and roads.

These three cornerstones will be the foundation of the County, and the basis for our programs. This provides a fun opportunity to the majority of players out there in three broad aspects. As time goes on and the systems develop, they will become more intricate and allow for more opportunities to get involved in a County level program.

~What this means for you~

Towns, Guilds, and other Organizations

These programs are on the County level, however, I am looking to work with any organizations that want to get involved, and to allow you to help shape them as we need. If you are a large organization oriented around one of the three foundations (Gathering/Crafting|Mercantile|Combat) I am even interested in contracting you specifically to fill and manage these roles. So leadership positions/County Level Contracts will be available to qualifying organizations.

Average Players

So what does this mean for the average player? It means that you will have a support system to help you meet your goals, to advance more quickly than your competition, and to be a part of a system that is built around increasing your level of fun while playing.

~Discord Info~

6/4/2018 1:29:00 PM #1

Great setup for a great county. Huzzah!

7/9/2018 1:17:56 AM #2

Agree with Rheika that you've got the making of a great county. Curious if you foresee any of your county level programs and initiatives flowing outside your borders and into other counties? I could see some terrific symbiotic relationships that could form between our counties.

7/23/2018 5:29:09 AM #3

Looking forward to working closely with you.

7/29/2018 8:08:57 PM #4

Here's another Aechena county that's going to be fun to trade with.

2/19/2019 10:04:54 PM #5

Thanks everyone,

To answer your question Drednir, yes I do hope to expand these programs beyond my borders. Argentum is now a member of the Four Points Alliance with the Duchy of Conclave now, which is a collaboration of Counties working together to ensure that our citizens have access to programs that will help them see their goals come to life.

3/26/2019 10:30:48 PM #6


Love the idea of Four Points and a multi county collaboration within the Conclave. It makes sense to align with other counties to strengthen each other in the areas of such as economics, travel, defense, research, etc. I look forward to being a part of this and partnering with other like minded folks.

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