Textiles, Clothing, and Fancywear Trade

Greetings NA-West Eyrians! I am welcoming those desiring to setup trade manufacturing and import/exporting of any clothing materials within my Country which will be located in a port location within Evertide Dutchy of Kingdom Aranor on NA-W server.

5/20/2018 9:53:54 PM #1

Clothing won't be my specialty however if I end up finding good areas i'll make sure to let you know

People will always be wanting something. It's my job to get it for them.

5/21/2018 1:47:25 AM #2

The Town of Briva in Riftwood is doing similarly. Specializing in weaving, drapery and high fashion! I will look forward to seeking you out for trade of goods and maybe recipes/blueprints in game. :)

6/1/2018 12:13:39 AM #3

Excellent! I am on board. Trade, Courser Horse breeding, and textiles production will be my focus.

10/9/2018 8:49:00 PM #4

I plan to be heavily focused on textiles but I'll be in the broad leaf forest among my fellow Kypiq building my own sanctuary/couture house :)

Kypiq proprietor - Weaver/Tailor/Designer - Broad Leaf Forest

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