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It's pretty well known that when you start you will start as a part of a family as a 15 year old kid. How does it work for those that purchased packages with a title? Do they take over as a existing king/duke/count/mayor? Would they start older then? Or would they start as a 15 year old heir to the throne? Or even a 15 year old who is the king/duke/count/mayor? Would their parents be dead if they are incharge? Because usually to inherit the position the parents must have died.

4/22/2018 10:12:33 PM #1

You'll be selecting a family, and the family you've selected will become "nobility or aristocracy," whichever is relevant to your pledge package/title you hold going into the game later. You can start at fifteen or become one of the parents as an NTC if you wish. Caspian answered similar questions asked in the past, they're a bit old but it is still relevant. [Source - Caspian in the CoE Discord (10-22-16) and (10-23-16)]

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Thank you. I hadn't seen any of that before.

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