EU Settlement of Arcton

Settlement of Arcton

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Arcton aims to gather a vivid community of engineers and builders that take pride in building great houses and high walls. Ideally we will pick position that has various stones and forests in near vicinity to supply raw materials for our grand projects. Through eternal strive between utility and art our community will perfect engineer's craft. Both gentry and aristocracy will travel far to our town to seek solutions for their grand wishes.

Behold Elyrian, consider Arcton as your hometown also if in your heart you are not engineer. You see, building a project requires wide variety of specializations - architect, carpentry, masonry, glass-blowing, metal working, but that's only for the engineer heart. Before and during the project, fluent merchant, social coordinator, and strict logistician are key roles for any medium-and-up sized project. If neither talking nor building is your thing, don't worry - every project requires loads of raw materials and escorted transportation, therefor workers, traders and guards should find well-paid contracts regularly.

Our Kingdom has stated that "As it stands now, because of the order during land selection, our Empire will pick first, so our aim is to have Brudvir, Hrothi and Neran tribes.". Our County has stated that they will pick land with "high mountains and dense forests". Thus, I call out for all Hrothi to work with stone in Arcton, Brudvirs to work with wood in Arcton, and Nerans to do the talking in Arcton. Of course, everyone is welcome as engineering involves quite a lot and you will definitely find your niche in building great projects - from effective houses to grand palaces.

Needless to say, Arcton will hold competition of the most beautiful house every five (in-game) years.

Settlement will be governed by city Council. While anyone are welcome to bring in suggestions and arguments, only those who owns land in settlement will have votes. When voting is indecisive, Mayor has the final say.



Hello, my nickname is Akuukis. You can find me on Discord, Steam, Github or Keybase. Let me introduce myself:

I am full-stack engineer from Latvia that is a active gamer since childhood. Since Oblivion I was inspired to think of my "perfect MMORPG" and CoE is finally the game that has bulls-eyed that dream, with key features of souls, families, player driven economics and full blown feudalism. Outside of CoE I love Civilization IV, Medieval and Space Engineers, so in CoE I pledged Mayor and am looking forward to do complex industry, great infrastructure, far trade and transparent management.


Any person of any color and age is welcome here. Our official communication will be in English at Discord with Latvian sub-channels.

Special call to Latvians - Nāciet uz Arcton, šeit dzīvo daudz savējo! [come over to Arcton, we are living here!]

As people start joining Arcton I will update this section with more info.

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  • Picture: Jordan Grimmer (DeviantArt & blog)
  • Thanks to Gladal community for inspiration and reviews

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