Lore Contest: The Shape of Things to Come.

Hi everyone. The Deskraussian Count (NA- E, Free Kingdom) will offer one Elyrian Pledge to the winner of the Lore Contest.

I'll start a small story and you need to:

1) Read the Story.

2) Reply this post (Max 2000 characters) with a good ending narrative, starting by "Deskraussian Narrative:"

3) Deadline 12/31.

@NiHZ will judge the best narrative, so the winner will win:

A) One Elyrian Pledge AND a Pet Token* ($51 prize!).

B) Your narrative will join the Deskraussian County story.

C) You dont need to join our County, but sure, you all are welcomed. As an ally or villain.

D) If you join the County, you will get a special prize:

  • Special Contract and EP items from the EP Store, to fit the Narrative, as an Ally.

  • EP items from the EP Store, to fit the Narrative, as an Enemy.

* I have changed the prize, cause will not be able to gift the Surname.

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The Story

From the Notes of Steward Adrus Anto, House Deskrausser.

Day One:

The Mad King is Dead. The Noble Blood is the source of Madness. There is only one option to purge our lands: self sacrifice. Our Noble and Beloved Lord, Adonika Deskrausser had done everything to prevent our descent to madness, but there is no hope. Every Deskraussian shall die by the Flames of Salvation, to prevent the Shattered Kingdom Destiny. By Envy we Fall, by Sacrifice we will find Freedom.

Day Two:

Destiny is a Strange Master, so the Deskraussian Lineage can't just fade. Someone saved the Young Master, Ian Deskrausser, from the Flames of Justice. Everyone, including our Beloved Adonika, finally found the Eternal Virtue. But the Young Master still haunt this world with the Corrupt Blood of Nobility. He will return, one day..and we all will pay for our failure to end the forsaken Lineage.

So, what happened with Adonika and Ian? The Deskraussian Lord tried to kill the Lineage to prevent the "Madness'', but something bad (or good?) happened.

You saved Ian of failed to carry Adonika's Will. But how?

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The VO Narrative.

(Yes, i'll do that...or i'll try...)

12/21/2017 2:35:30 PM #4

o/ this is a great way to get people involved in your story! Good luck to all you entrants. C:

12/21/2017 11:22:30 PM #5

Really cool!

12/23/2017 7:07:23 PM #6

No takers so far? It’s such a good idea to get people involved. I just popped by to see what people may have submitted.

I’ll do something unedited off the top of my head. I’m no writer, so hopefully someone sees this and thinks, “I can do better!” Here goes:

(Hope it’s under your character limit. Typing on my mobile stream of consciousness style, so no counter)

Deskraussian Narrative:

It’s dark. A bitter wind blows, carrying the smell of impending rain. Maybe snow. Either way, it’s going to be a miserable night.

Something else is carried on the wind. A smell of smoke. Wood smoke, but with something heavier. Something rich and oily, like a roast boar. No, not boar...something else. It’s going to be a miserable cold night; after a moment’s reluctance, a hooded figure turns and moves in the direction of the smoke.

There’s a sound on the wind, too. What seemed simply the howling of wind through the trees now sounds more primal.

The Stranger moves through the woods, sounds of their passage lost on the wind. As the light of the fire starts to appear through the trees, the howls resolve themselves into a melody of screams. Voices, ten or more, male and female, young and old, cry out in agony and the different voices mix and blend together.

Closer still, the bonfire resolves. A dozen people are writhing in agony, tied to stakes with fire all around. Two more look on. A woman, clearly noble-bred, holds a torch high. In her other arm, she holds an infant child.

The woman watches the flames with a strange mixture of regret, excitement, sadness, and fanatical glee. Emotions warring for dominance. Suddenly one emotion wins through, grim determination. She steps toward the flames.


The Stranger picks up the infant child and wraps him in the folds of their cloak. The noblewoman’s body lays at the edges of the bonfire, clothes beginning to smolder.

The Stranger takes the child and turns away from the flames. It’s going to be a miserable, cold night. Rain, maybe snow.

12/23/2017 8:58:43 PM #7

Deskraussian Narrative:

"He's just a boy.." Naomi thought to herself, as she overheard the rumors of the Flames. Indeed, she overheard many rumors being a handmaiden for House Deskrausser. But this was not something easily dismissed, like Adonika soiling his pants during the Great Feast. No...this required her attention.

It was a chilly autumn night, she knew where Ian would be. On the far side of the estate, unknown to many, was a hidden room. It was originally meant to be the handmaiden's quarters, before the laborers went on strike. The head of House Deskrausser at the time did not entertain such actions lightly. He had ordered his men to whip the rebel leader until he begged for death, which Lord Deskrausser happily obliged. Throughout all the turmoil, many laborers fled in terror, while desperate men took the job.

On the bright side, the old handmaidens quarters were somehow covered up and forgotten. Until Naomi's grandmother found it, when she served as a handmaiden for House Deskrausser. Since then it became a well kept secret, shared only to family and true friends.

She had taken Ian there so many times...usually to hide him from his Father's rage. Ian always seemed to find himself in the middle of trouble. At first it was merely innocent occurrences, like knocking over vases or drawing on the expensive paintings. But then...his behavior changed. He became distant, often rude. One night, she found him sitting in a corner, crying. His father had caught him torturing some poor cat, and had punished Ian accordingly. She took pity on him, and showed him her secret room.

"He was lonely and confused", Naomi thought at the time. "He doesn't have anyone to raise him properly." So she took it upon herself to raise Ian, since his Lordly parents seemed to rarely acknowledge his existence. She would read to Ian by the fireplace in the secret room. He quickly acquired a large appetite for books, and over the years he would often disappear to the secret room to read in peace.

This is where he would be.

She exited the room and started making her way down the familiar corridor. She could hear people running around the estate.

"Naomi, where's Ian?" someone yelled from behind her. She didn't have to turn around to know it was Lord Adonika. "He was in the kitchen, last time I saw him," she replied. And away he went.

Her heart started to pound in her chest as she drew closer to the hidden passageway. Her palms were sweaty as she started feeling for the secret crevice in the wall...and harder her heart drummed as the wall slid open.

"Ian!" she whispered, feeling instantly relieved when she saw his familiar silhouette. Her heart fluttered as he made his way over to her, she knew he secretly liked hugs.

"Ian, we have to leave. Do you remember how to get outside?" she asked, meaning the makeshift door that would allow them to sneak outside safely and disappear into the woods.

She felt a sharp pain in her chest...

Looking down, she saw the hilt of a knife protruding from her chest.

"I'm sorry Naomi, but I can't let you live," Ian whispered. She saw the dead look in his eyes and the faint smirk on his face.

She fell to the floor, her heart punctured and crushed.

12/23/2017 11:27:38 PM #8

Very nice, Lady Shyheart. Starting him down a very dark path!

12/24/2017 3:01:51 PM #9

Deskraussian Narrative

The Queen’s Will is mysterious, and it is not ours to question.

The Mad King’s army has been vanquished. Some fled in fear and some sacrificed. The Queen in her infinite wisdom, deferred judgement upon the scouts of the Hawk banner, a Family of northern giants. Unfit to live in our lands, the Hawks and their fearsome wolves were sent to find their fate on the barren mountain in the west.

Among them lived a holy warrior named Snorri Mistwalker whose ancestors traveled across the lands in wrapped in clouds. Even among the Hawks, Snorri was unmistakable. Standing a full 5 palms above a normal mann, carrying 20 stone upon his body, his yellow hair and beard were knotted with carved beads. Snorri’s words were heard through the silent nights, and much was learned by those who listen.

On the day of the Adonika's sacrifice, Snorri descended from the mountains. Far from his home, his feet led him to the sacred lands. He arrived as the Deskraussian sacrifice reached its’ conclusion. Through Snorri’s axe and spear, Death selected the Queen’s most loyal servants R’fili and Ar’nela to join Lord Deskrausser. The ritual complete, the youngest son, Ian, still lived.

Many wished to finish Adonika’s Will, and hurry Ian to his final fate. The Priestess forbade them. The Queen had spoken, and the death’s had been received. Adonika’s Will was not the Queen’s Will.

Ian was taken to the West. There to remain until he came of age. Raised by Wolves.

Excerpt from the oral histories of the ‘The Long Tale of the Goshawk Pack’. An earlier excerpt can be found here … Hawks Waiting

“It’s not my fault. The Waerd are crazy!”

Einar turned the spit. The slightest upturn crossed his lip.

“Don’t worry, I covered my tracks well.”

Einar shifted his eyes, WHAT THE HELL

“It’s not mine.”

“The blood, I mean.”

Blood stains were streaked across his broad chest.

“Or the boy.”

A small, dark boy was standing in his shadow.

“Well, ok maybe he is mine now, but not before.”

Spirits save us.

“They were burning everyone … and chanting.”

“The boy was howling, but the torch kept coming.”

“He is so small.”

“What’s wrong with them?”

“I couldn’t live with myself.”

What did you do, Snorri?

“I surprised them. The torch lady is dead.”

“I grabbed the boy and ran. A couple of Waerd followed.”

“There was there was a lot of screaming. I speared one, and the rest fell back.”

His fair beard reflected red in the fire light, could be the fire, maybe the blood.

“I took the long way round. No one is following. I think I got away clean.”

Hafnar! Pull in the sentries and set another place at the table.


Fingers clenching, “Hawks at rest. Our paths again cross.”

Einar drinks from his tankard and holds it out to the smaller figure.

The Waerd takes a small sip.

Einar shrugs, Yeah, it’s watery crap, but it is all I have to offer.

So you have come for Snorri.

Palms together, “I am here for the boy.”

What if I told you he wasn’t here

Palms down and fingers shaking.

Didn’t think so. Snorri is an idiot.

Stillness, “The Queen’s Will works in mysterious ways.”

You wish to kill him?

Hand on dagger. Hand on lips, “This death has already been paid by another.”

Then why are you here?

Empty palms forwards, “He is the image of his parents”

and they are?

Arms extending to the sides, “He is the son of Our Noble and Beloved Lord, Adonika Deskrausser”

Snorri is the heir to throne of the kingdom of idiots

A ring is placed delicately on the table

Fists clenched, “On the day Ian comes of age, this must be returned to House Deskrausser.”

And if it doesn’t appear that day …

Hand to dagger, palm forwards, “We will seek it out. Starting in its’ last known location.”

I listen and learn.

12/24/2017 4:51:09 PM #10

Were we supposed to use other lore?

12/24/2017 5:07:43 PM #11

Posted By Lady ShyHeart at 2:51 PM - Sun Dec 24 2017

Were we supposed to use other lore?

Not really. NiHZ will judge only the narrative.

12/30/2017 3:18:55 PM #12

Friendly Reminder, tomorrow is the last day!

1/2/2018 10:15:19 PM #13

I have read and re-read these three entries, and I love them all. I landed on Quintero's entry. The writing was fabulously done, and conveyed so much through its description.

Congratulations. Never doubt that you're a writer!

1/3/2018 3:45:54 AM #14


I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be curious to see where the character goes from here!

1/3/2018 4:07:04 AM #15

Posted By Quintero at 01:45 AM - Wed Jan 03 2018


I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be curious to see where the character goes from here!

Oh, i'll write a follow up soon!

Thank you everyone for the entries.