Alchemy, Immortality, The Black Lotus Alchemy Guild

(EU) We Are the Black Lotus, We will focus on becoming the mad Scientists of Elyria. we are currently pledged to another organisation that makes sure we can do our work peacefully, we will get basic combat training with them to make sure our work doesnt fall in the wrong hands.

What are we trying to achieve?:

Research the alchemic way to become immortal,

Craft the best poisons and Antidotes in all of elyria.

Craft the most potent medicines we can possibly craft.

Try to genetically alter wild animals if possible?

We will store all of our research in a great library for generations to come!

We will conduct our research in a great fortress where we are safe behind walls, so nodoby can disturb our research,

We are currently looking for more Alchemists and gatherers, are you interested in unraveling the secrets of Elyria with us?

join our discord and ask away :)

12/13/2017 6:44:06 PM #1

may your voyage bring lots of hapiness!

12/23/2017 6:32:35 PM #2

Im actually interested in it, il specifically play a dras only for that purpose.

7/16/2019 11:05:44 AM #3

This is the old post

If you are still interested in a guild, click this link below :)

Lord of The Silver Phoenix City!

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