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The county of D'aske

Count : Cassim von Daske

Maincity of the County : D'aske Haven

Liege :

The county of D'aske is located in the south of the continent in the Tidal march biom mainly inhabited by the To'resk tribe but also includes communities of Dras, Neran and The Weard. The area is vast and with a fruitful ground ideal for farming.

Many lakes and rivers as well as he location of the county at the coast allows fishing as well as animal keeping due to the good conditions for forage which also contribute to good hunting grounds for game.

All this together makes D'aske a food rich county with many opportunities for the production of textiles (cotton, linen, wool; leather etc.), alcohol and liquors, natural dye, paper production and many others.

The county includes many hamlets, villages and towns as well it is the only county on the continent that has two capital size settlements. One of this is the harbor city D'aske Haven that functions as the gate to other regions and kingdoms and inhabit the main market place for all products that are exported and imported into the county. For this the counts family has established valuable connections so materials that are rare or not found within D'aske borders like iron or steel and lay or pottery products, are still available to villagers and artisans. The settlements are connected with roads and bridges and will be maintained in a excellent state by the counts family so the trade can flourish and prosper. The count ensures that law and order will be kept within the counties borders.

Guilds that are supported by the County of Daske


The written word is one of the most important inventions and a needed tool when it comes to trading and knowledge exchange. Due to this the County of Daske supports the INKDOT GUILD (Tintenklecksgilde) and search for competent writers and scholars willing to work within the county.

  • Needed equipment and workspaces will be subsidize as far as possible

I am free to discuss details if other guilds and groups are interested to open an branch within Daske.

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Good luck with your project! As count, I'm looking forward trading with your county and make our lands and people flourish!

11/24/2017 12:30:09 PM #2

Very nice post wish you the best for your county.

11/25/2017 5:00:30 PM #3

I wish you the best for your county, maybe we will work together in the future.

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Updated this version after DSS

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