Keeping it all in the Family.

So this may or may not fall under the Talent category, but it definitely falls under some combination of the three topics of this category (Souls, Talents, and Reincarnation....or Family...BUT, I think it more accurately falls under this category).

It has been stated that families will offer perks of increased starting stats and that skill ramps will be attached to the soul and based on the players previous skill levels in a past life. That's pretty plain to grasp.

My question is about the Talent-acquisition system. Maybe for this topic it shouldn't even be called a Talent, cuz I'm not talking about the 5% gifted by the game engine.

To my understanding, there are abilities that are not simply gifted and can be acquired through certain mechanics of the game - like finding an artifact. The idea of having abilities that one can acquire through their efforts is critical for immersion and story progression, I feel. It's the premise for skill trees. With that, plus the research system, plus the family system, is there any idea if there will be abilities that can be passed on within a family?

For example, if your family's reputation is being a famed Blacksmith and they pump out multiple generations of acclaimed and successful Blacksmiths, could they be able to acquire some family boon - being able to judge the quality of a metal without any prior training, or being able to reach an item stat that is outside the max for legendary smiths.

This is for the simple reason that while you may get a general headstart on a profession if your family is a part of it, you also tend to pick up a few tricks from the basic trial and error your family would have done. This could be doubly true if you were to merge two, already-established households with the same family profession.

Any ideas?

4/15/2018 5:44:14 AM #1

It would be nice to have an additional talent like system that is based more on effort then random chance. Perhaps just little bonuses that make families more interesting like you said.

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4/22/2018 11:07:33 PM #2

I do like the idea of earning talents through generations of doing the same occupation. Be interesting to see if that could be added in. If a family has been doing something for years they might be more likely to notice things and have an advantage. Also if it's the same soul that carries on the memories of the past life (actual lore) they would have an easier time with things.

4/23/2018 4:04:08 AM #3

While maybe not "talents" in the sense being brought up, they have shown/discussed recipes and techniques. A family well known for blacksmithing will likely have several, or many depending, of recipes or techniques that they themselves discovered and pass down through he generations. I would assume part of the whole "legendary" status as a blacksmith, for example, would be inheriting a large number of awesome techniques that result in improved quality/products. Now, finding relics and artifacts may have SOME randomness to it, I would assume that they will also be setup in such a way that they will need to be found in VERY hard to reach(safely) areas that necessitates an adventurer being "skilled' in the talents and skills of exploration and dungeon(?) delving. Making it far less likely for Joe Schmoe to just start up his game and come across an epic artifact. It's FAR more likely that the riches and spoils will go to those who spend many hours honing their craft before they come across such a treasure.

8/6/2018 1:55:04 PM #4

I think one thing we shouldn't forget is fame and reputation. If your family has provided good tools for generations, your name alone should already have a weight when assessing the worth and quality of an item. However, I would also appreciate a coded "family-benefit".

9/21/2018 4:12:01 PM #5

Your family might also be the only one using a specific set of materials for the crafting, like a signature.

My understanding is it will be easier for you to advance your next soul in the same endeavors as your last; ie: your children will have a slightly easier time learning your trade than some other random trade.

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