Parcels, Settlements, and Counties: A Visual Representation

Parcels, Settlements, and Counties: A Visual Representation

Work In Progress

Hello everyone, We have heard that a parcel is 64m x 64m, a Hamlet is 3 parcels, a Village is 9 parcels, an average County is 3km x 3km, so on and so forth, but what does that mean, in real terms?

I attempt to answer that question by overlaying those measurements over real terrain. As this is a work-in-progress, your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.

For my parcel and settlement pictures, the upper left hand coordinate never moves. The same applies to the Continent and Largest County pictures.

A Parcel

(Image Credit: Unknown)

On this parcel, we have a range of residences (smallest to largest) as well as a small round tower and a few shops. While not representing a normal parcel, it does give us a good idea of what can fit on a 64m x 64m section of land. Or does it?

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

Here we see a Dairy Queen sitting on a 64m x 64m parcel (the white box). The Dairy Queen is about the same size of the villa in the above picture, leaving a bunch of empty space in the form of a parking lot and some grass. In CoE, most urban parcels will be tightly packed with buildings, as seen in this representation of a Barony:

(Image Credit: Soulbound Studios)

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~


Settlements require parcels, wells, certain amounts of population and beds, different building types, etc. For the sake of brevity, we will focus purely on the size of the settlements in this topic. Also note that with the exception of the Hamlet, all settlements pictured can be divided into 64m x 64m squares.

All settlements are shown as the minimum size required to be that type of settlement. For best viewing experience, open the images in a separate tab.


(Image Credit: Google Maps)

Notice how the white box in this picture has its upper left corner located in the same spot as the parcel above. That will be the case with all of these settlement photos, for ease of comparison.


9 Parcels (Image Credit: Google Maps)


25 Parcels (Image Credit: Google Maps)


49 Parcels (Image Credit: Google Maps)


81 Parcels (Image Credit: Google Maps)

The minimum size for a capital is .332 km^2. It doesn't look that big, does it? Boscobel, Wisconsin is not that big of a town, yet an Elyrian capital is dwarfed by it??? Keep in mind that Elyrians live and work in buildings that are smaller as well as closer together than most modern buildings. The average population density of Boscobel is about 416 persons/km^2. In CoE, urban population densities are likely to be at least 1000 PCs&NPCs/km^2

1,250 Parcels

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

In this photo, the Dairy Queen from our first parcel is hidden under the base of the "t" in "Elm Street" The bottom right hand corner of the capital city is within the 1/4 mile running track at the southern edge of the urban area.

The urban area of Boscobel is 5.12km^2, or 1,250 parcels. This equates to around 15 Elyrian capitals. It may be possible for an Elyrian city to grow this large, however, Elyrian cities are limited by the available resources in the vicinity. To support a large population, lots of farmland or extensive trade is needed.

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Counties are sections of land between 1 km^2 and 256 km^2 in area. An average county consists of 2,300 parcels, or around 3 km x 3km. During Domain Selection, two or more counties can be combined into one by Counts with more than one nobility package.

Smallest County

1 km x 1 km (258 Parcels)

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

A county this size would only be about three times bigger than the smallest Capital (81 parcels)

Large County

4 km x 4 km (4,128 Parcels)

The average county was listed as 2,300 Parcels, which is 3 km x 3 km. It is looking like that is indeed the average parcels-per-county in most domains.

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~


An average Duchy filled with average Counties (2300 Parcels) will have an area of around 226.1 km^2

An equal kingdom (see below) will be made up of 12 equal duchies, each being 256 km^2

24 equal counties within an equal duchy would each be 10.667 km^2 (2,752 Parcels)

For comparison, the Life is Feudal MMO map is about 450 km^2 (116,101 Parcels) [including waterways]

The 16 km x 16 km (256 km^2) picture in the below section represents an equal duchy.

Single Duchy

256 Square Kilometers (66,049 Parcels)

The largest duchies are around this size, with the majority of duchies being smaller.

*Note that the upper left corner of this county is in the same location as the upper left corner of all the following images (Image Credit: Google Maps)

Double Duchy

512 Square Kilometers (132,098 Parcels)

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

Triple Duchy (3 equal duchies)

768 Square Kilometers (198,147 Parcels)

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

Large Triple Duchy

1024 Square Kilometers (264,196 Parcels)

A Duke can only select 3 duchies at Domain and Settlement Selection. Finding 3 extra large duchies that border each other will be rare (Image Credit: Google Maps)

In CoE, settlements will likely be closer together than seen in these images.

Things to look for:

  • Mississippi River running vertically on the left side

  • Wisconsin River running diagonally across and emptying into the Mississippi

  • Where farms are, where farms aren't

  • Where major roads are built and why

  • Dispersion of towns

  • Transition between hilly and flat terrain

  • For future reference, note the intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 80 near Montfort and its relation to the bottom right corner of the duchy.

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Update in Progress


An average Kingdom filled with average Duchies will have an area of around 2,713.2 km^2

6 average Kingdoms, if collected onto a single continent, will create an average starting continent size of 16,279.14 km^2.

If one 18,432 km^2 continent was divided into 6 equal Kingdoms, each Kingdom would be 3,072 km^2

No server has a starting continent larger than 18,432 Square Kilometers. All Starting Continents, with the exception of Oceanus, fall between 8,000 and 13,000 Square Kilometers

Most of the Duchy and Kingdom information in this thread is based on the larger 18,432km^2 starting continent, however, it should still be a useful tool in getting a feel for exactly how large Elyria really is.

Watch this space, however, as I will be updating pictures and information as time allows.

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Starting Continent Size

Less Than 18,432 Square Kilometers

According to the latest information, 18,432 km^2 is larger than any of the starting continents of Elyria

Example 18,432 km^2 continent:

(Image Credit: Soulbound Studios)

(Image Credit: Google Maps)

The white box in this image represents the starting continent size, with the upper left coordinate of this image in the same location as the County/Duchy images. This continent will be split into 6 kingdoms.

  • The white box includes parts of 3 different states and is roughly 192 km x 96 km

  • Assuming a minimum of 100,000 PCs and NPCs distributed evenly across the continent, population density would be 5.43 persons per square kilometer

  • The population of Madison, WI is 2-3 times the expected server population (density 1172.6 per km^2,) yet takes up only a small section of land, even including the 4 lakes it is built around.

  • Milwaukee is visible alongside Lake Michigan

  • Notice the terrain change in the upper left corner. This could be similar to how a biome change would look.

  • Use major road intersections in this image to help you compare this to the county/duchy images.


The starting continent for the Oceanus server is an archipelago, with a total land area of 144 km x 96 km (13,824 km^2.) The smaller land size is due to the size of the waterways that exist between all the islands. There is no real-world arhipelago that is close enough in size and density as the Oceanus archipelago. For all of our sakes, I've decided not to create a photoshop abomination using real-world islands.

An average archipelago with 4 average Kingdoms will have a land area of 10852.76 km^2.

4 equal Kingdoms would have land areas of 3,456 km^2.

An equal duchy would be 288 km^2, and an equal county would be 12 km^2

So while the Oceanus archipelago may not be as big as the other starting continents, the Royalty and Nobility enjoy larger domains.

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Update in Progress

The Starting Continents


(Image Credit: Soulbound Studios)


(Image Credit: Soulbound Studios)


(Image Credit: Soulbound Studios)


(Image Credit: Soulbound Studios)

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Domain and Settlement Selection Conceptual Map

(Map G)

This example was released by Soulbound Studios to give us an idea of what the final Domain and Settlement Selection maps will look like. These should be considered a Work in progress. (Map G was one of the 20 maps from Round 1 of map voting that didn't get chosen by any of the servers, and will never be playable.)

Check out the different detail images at the Kingdom, Duchy, and County levels and compare them to the Kingdom, Duchy, and County posts above (Image Credit: Soulbound)

The following two images illustrate the current level of detail as compared to the original maps

(Image Credit: Snipehunter)

(Image Credit: Snipehunter)

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World Map

Each server will have their own unique world map that has been procedurally generated in a manner that simulates the continental drift of Earth. Thus, we know that, once we discover all the different land masses, their shapes will suggest that they once were a supercontinent.

Below are two example world maps that were rejected by Soulbound Studios. Caspian in his graciousness shared them in Discord and gave me permission to use them in this thread.

I have yet to confirm this with Caspian, but I believe the squares to be biomes, as there aren't enough on any one continent for them to be the starting duchies

These maps are rejects and will never be used in any playable form of Elyria. These maps reveal what we can expect the relative size of the continents to be and in no way represent how far apart continents will be in game.

Example 1

(Image Credit: Caspian)

Example 2

(Image Credit: Caspian)

Note: If you are wondering which continent on these maps would have been the starting continent, my personal gut feeling tells me it would be the "long" continent with the most biomes

World Size

The starting continent is said to be 28% of the total land area of Elyria. On Earth, North America and South America combined, with all their islands, represent 28% of Earth's total land area. We aren't sure how many islands are "part" of the starting continent or if they are included in the 28% number.

Assuming the starting continent and all of its islands together amount to 18,432 km^2 and 28% of the total land area, the total land area of Elyria amounts to 65,828.571 km^2, leaving 47,396.571 km^2 undiscovered. That's enough for 2.5 more continents of equal size to the starting continent.

I won't attempt an accurate picture of the world size, as just having expected land area isn't enough to go off of. If we assume that Elyria is very similar to Earth, with 71% of its surface covered by water, then the total surface area of Elyria is 226,995.072 km^2, or just over half the size of Mimas (image below), one of Saturn's moons.

Note: Snipehunter has since confirmed through a voice Q&A that Elyria is 75% water, +/- 5%

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

The large crater has a diameter of 130 km, and the image was taken at a distance of 50,000 km. Mimas has a radius of 197 km, while my guesstimate Elyria has a radius of 134 km.

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