[DEMALION] County of Inglund


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Nice post indeed matey . I wish you all the best in your County. I hope the great Spirit warrior will watch over you.

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Nice post Soulspark. Good luck.

Demalion Empire

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Cheers Asteroth! :-)

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Good luck

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Thankyou for welcoming me into your Duchy and granting me such an important role in your Grand Council. I wont rest until we have brought our vision to fruition and I look forward to working together with you to bring prosperity to our Duchy and the Empire.

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Great post!

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Posted By RagnarokEU at 10:16 PM - Wed Nov 08 2017

Great post!

Cheers pal :)

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I've just had a read. Brilliant lore mate. As always you have put time and effort into this thread


Duke Alduin

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Wow that was an awesome read matey.

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Keep up the brilliant work mate.

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The great and powerful prosperous mighty County of Inglund is still recruiting. Become a citizen and embrace your destiny as a major player and beacon of awesomeness in Elyria.

My goal and job is to give you the opportunity and tools to bring your dreams to fruition. I'm here to help any way I can, here is where you need to be. Come speak with us in our discord.

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Nice post and all the best :)

Depending how selection goes, I may be a local, in which case I look forward to trade and cooperation with you ;)