The Order Of The Quest

Introduction :

Are you an adventurer? Are you an explorer? A mercenary? A free spirit? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Order Of The Quest is a group dedicated to finding work for those of us who haven’t settled down. It’s where requests are made for various jobs are fulfilled by our skilled members. From simple requests for supplies to a journey to slay a great beast The Order offers it all.


The Order of the Quest doesn’t require anything of it’s members. You are free to take or not take any job. However the more jobs you take the more quickly you will progress in rank. Higher ranking members will receive more opportunities and more lucrative rewards. A small tithe from job payment will be taken from all Order members in order to pay for expenses of The Order. Reaching higher ranks will reduce this pay reduction.

Points and The Scoreboard:

The scoreboard will keep track of points accrued by members of The Order and where those members stand in comparison to others points wise. You will receive points by completing jobs. The more difficult the job and higher it pays the more points you will earn. Points will determine your prestige in the guild and likelihood of promotion to higher ranks. If you want to be promoted then the quickest way is to reach the top of your ranks scoreboard and stay there long enough to get recognised.

Perks To Membership:

The Order is run by the mayor of the town of Konig and the town and the order work closely together to support each other.

All supplies bought in the town of Konig and all services in Order run facilities will be discounted for Order members. Town Guards will be rewarded with points in The Order for their service.

The Order organises raids to deal with threats to the town of Konig and The Kingdom of Bordweall as a whole. All participants are well paid and will receive points.

Full fledged Order members are well trusted in Konig and much of The Kingdom of Bordweall



Freelancers aren’t official members of The Order. Rather they are people who take work provided by The Order and are not yet members. They are not subject to The Order’s rules and do not receive benefits. They are free to stay at this rank indefinitely. They are allowed to promote into full fledged Sigil Bearers once they’ve reached a set amount of points. It shouldn’t take long for anyone trying to join The Order to reach this amount of points

Order Tithe: 25%

Sigil Bearer:

Official members of The Order who carry it’s Sigil on their clothing. They enjoy all the benefits and recognition that comes with membership. However if they spend an extended period of time without completing a guild sanctioned quest they may be dropped back down to Freelancer and would be required to return their sigil.

Order Tithe:20%


Those of the Veteran rank are long time members of The Order. They are highly trusted and have proven their usefulness. They will never have their membership revoked even if they never perform another quest.

Order Tithe: 15%


Those who have not only proven their worth but also their greatness will be promoted to the Hero rank. Heroes will be offered some of the most difficult and dangerous tasks with rewards that equal their challenge. They are held in very high esteem and will have free use of rooms in Order owned Inns.

Order Tithe:10%


Paladin is the highest rank possible to be reached by a member and they will have the option to become Inquisitors if there’s a position open. They are also offered a seat on the The Order’s Council which decides not only on issues involving the guild but also the town of Konig. There is no job they are not allowed to undertake. Even if they’re not of noble birth in The Order and the town of Konig they are Nobility.

Order Tithe: 5%


Inquisitors are the ones in charge of running the affairs of The Order and work directly under The Order Head. They enforce the rules and handle job requests. They can promote members to higher rank and demote if necessary.

Order Tithe: 5%

The Order Head:

The Order Head is Raz Von Konig and the title will be passed to his children who will be raised for the job. The Order Head makes snap decisions when The Council can’t be assembled. He also manages the town of Konig which will serve as a hub and headquarters for The Order.

Order Tithe: 5%


Most of these rules don’t apply to Freelancers who are not yet full fledged members.

Rule 1:

Do not harm your fellow Order members unless required as part of an Order sanctioned job

Rule 2:

If you can not complete an accepted job inform both The Order and the employer who requested the job. Failure to complete a job will result in loss of points.

Rule 3:

Non Order members are absolutely forbidden from wearing The Orders Sigil. If a non member is seen wearing a Sigil then report them to an Inquisitor. A bounty will be placed on them.

Rule 4:

Do not try and go to an employer who posted a quest with The Order to try and avoid paying your tithe. You are not forbidden from taking jobs outside of The Order and are not required to pay tithe on such jobs.

Rule 5:

Failure to comply with any of these rules with result in expulsion from the order.


Roleplaying is encouraged but not required. There will be official roleplaying events for the guild.


The guild will be both a PVE and PVP Guild. We will have job offers up for both. We will have events and group raids for both.


Even non combat players can join the guild, earn points, and rank up. We will allow for crafting requests.


The Order is part of The Kingdom of Bordweall. However we welcome people of any nation and allegiance into our group.


The Order will be located in Newel Country in The Kingdom of Bordweall.


Anyone is free to join us on Discord.


We will be playing on NA East.

10/25/2017 6:32:03 AM #1

Nice project, good luck !

10/25/2017 3:23:30 PM #2

Welcome Razqua, Great post! Love some of the ideas you're working on here... Keep up the good work and good luck!

11/3/2017 7:17:23 PM #3

Excited to have your group in Newel County! Loving the improvements to your post and appreciate the talks we've had recently discussing your plans and ideas.

Looking forward to hearing more!

2/14/2018 2:29:50 PM #4

If you're looking to expand your business, I'd love to have a branch in the Dreigehörntes County as well. This is a brilliant idea!

2/27/2018 10:43:41 PM #5

Hi HuldricFranconian. I appreciate your interest in the group but for now I'm going to be focusing on recruitment in Newel County where the guild is located rather than expanding to other counties. I will however message you come the time when we are looking to expand.

10/10/2018 3:06:11 PM #6

I forsee me sending you a lot of requests of "Hey I have a job for you... I found a map in my library and there is a book in a dungeon on it I want. Think you can get me a party of adventurers willing to do it. They and you can keep all the other treasure you find."

This looks really cool.

10/11/2018 1:25:00 AM #7

@Gorawyn Thank you for the compliments. Ill be sure to keep you in my contacts. We'll be more than capable of getting anything you need done.