NA East: County of Vita Nova

Server: NA East

Kingdom: Vornair by King Evelake Rhyne I

Duchy: Grand Duchy of Erzhalden by Lord Balén

County: Hildebert by Count Ballin Stormhammer

Capital City: Vita Nova

Duchy of Erzhalen Discord:

Vita Nova Discord: or look for Vita Nova

Ballin Discord # #5855 find me if you need to reach me.

  • County is seeking Barons and Commoners and those who would like to collaborate and grow our territory. We aim to assist and aid our citizens in all their efforts. We also aim for low to no drama.

  • Got questions? visit us on discord or reach out in E-mail. [email protected]

Friend Code: D9229C

7/31/2019 12:12:26 PM #1

Just dropping in as we approach D&SS.

I'm looking forward to meeting others and having those who wish to join our group to reach out to me.

What is great about our community is we are not locked in yet on the style of government and the positions are not all filled.

Current aim is to have a representative style government so that all voices and concerns can be met.

As a citizen of the County you will have a voice and be able to weigh in on matters as we move forward.

9/18/2019 12:45:09 PM #2

The Land has been selected and we have (1) hamlet open, others are still welcome. We are growing and we have many friends in the neighboring counties.

Come check us out and reach out to me.

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